What Was Once 'Wrong' Is Now Ok With Joe Biden

The number of vaccine-related deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), maintained by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), showed a jump of 723 new deaths over a week in its latest data dump on June 11, but the push by the corporate media and politicians to submit to the experimental COVID-19 shots remain strong.

The VAERS report showed 5,888 dead through June 4, up from 5,165 deaths the previous week. The number of recorded deaths since the emergency approval of the COVID-19 shots now total more than the number of deaths recorded over the previous 29 years combined for all vaccines.

Additionally, there are 329,021 injuries reported including 43,892 emergency room visits, 19,587 hospitalizations, 5,884 life-threatening cases and 4,538 permanently disabled.

Paul Craig Roberts, a former associate editor with The Wall Street Journal, has made the case that the vaccine is as deadly as COVID-19 itself while Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has vowed to fight for justice to be served to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Bill Gates, the billionaire vaccine promoter.

“These are the biggest mass murderers in history operating under the cloak of science and medicine,” Kennedy Jr. said in an interview promoting his book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. “If we lived in a just world, both Gates and Fauci would be in prison.”

Kennedy Jr. added: “As soothsayers, Fauci and Gates control the future, and therefore they create the historical nightmare that is now unfolding…I’m going to go down fighting. I’m in it for the fistfight. We will fight till we win.”

Even with the record level of vaccine-related deaths, the energy appears to be on getting children jabbed and making sure employers can force the shots on employees as governors continue the vaccine push.

“The government is not your friend, and it doesn’t matter if you live in a Red or Blue State, as they are all pro-vaccine,” wrote Brian Shilhavy for Vaccine Impact.

Shilhavy added: “While some Red State governors have taken action to prevent discrimination via Vaccine Passports, not a single governor in the U.S. has come forward to put a stop to the massive campaigns to inject as many people as possible with these bioweapons, which are now focused on children, even though they have the power to do so through their executive powers.”

Children and young adults, who statistically are at no risk from COVID-19 itself, are being encouraged to take part in the experiment which appears to have a much larger risk for them. One case, that of 19-year-old Simone Scott, resulted in a death a month after receiving the second Moderna shot of apparent myocarditis, but doctors are not being transparent.

The CDC, which is still recommending kids take the shots, admitted the mRNA shots (Pfizer and Moderna) are causing problems for kids. A CDC report states: “Since April 2021, increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported in the United States… particularly in adolescents and young adults.”

Dr. Michael Kurilla, with the National Institutes of Health, said at a meeting: “I think the myocarditis is something that needs to be looked at closely because we’re likely seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

On the employee front, U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes of Houston, Texas sided with Houston Methodist Hospital over 117 employees who sued after they were suspended without pay for not submitting to the experiment. Hughes, a 1985 appointee of President Ronald Reagan, made the ruling late last week while he mocked the plaintiffs as “reprehensible.”

The CDC still encourages those who have natural immunity to COVID-19 to submit to the shot even after the Cleveland Clinic study showed the vaccine is not needed, which was also confirmed by Yale University epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch: “People become immune by surviving infection…. These natural antibodies are proof of past infection. Past infection is extremely strong evidence of immunity.”

Politicians and bureaucrats, federal down to local who often have absolutely no medical background, continue to falsely claim the shots have been “proven safe and effective” despite still designated as experimental, but doctors warning against the shot continue to be censored.

The corporate media propaganda also continues including from Stephen Colbert, who had a segment last week with a pro-vaccine song and animated syringes dancing around him. On a side note, it appeared Colbert enjoyed being surrounded by a bunch of dancing phallic symbols.

Beyond the political and media propaganda, many are facing ridicule from those closest to them. Included is legendary musician Eric Clapton who is warning against the vaccines and who also teamed up with Van Morrison to produce anti-lockdown protest songs last year as the authoritarian measures around the world were in their infancy.

“I’ve tried to reach out to fellow musicians,” Clapton said in a recent interview. “I just don’t hear from them anymore. My phone doesn’t ring very often. I don’t get that many texts and emails any more. It’s quite noticeable. I was ostracized. And I could feel that everywhere.”

Clapton admitted back in May that he fell for the vaccine propaganda, which he regretted. He wrote to America’s Frontline Doctors that “my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks. I feared I would never play again. (I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and should never have gone near the needle.) But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

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