Bill Barr is Now Going After Seattle's Mayor Over Her Poor Handling of "CHAZ"

The DOJ is now looking to see if they can bring federal charges against Seattles incompetent mayor for her refusal to crack down on the “autonomous zone” known as “Chaz” and “Chop.”

AG Barr has asked the DOJ to investigate and see if they can charge Seattle’s Mayor Jenny with federal crimes.

Holy wow, Barr is on a “law and order” rampage!

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We love to see it.

From Daily Wire

Attorney General William Barr has tasked the DOJ’s civil rights division with investigating whether charges can be brought against Durkan, The New York Times reported on Wednesday evening citing two people familiar with the discussions. Barr has also asked federal prosecutors to consider charging rioters with sedition and insurrection against the United States government, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Rioters took over several city blocks and a police precinct in the middle of Seattle for several weeks over the summer as protests and riots took place following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Durkan eventually ordered police to move into the area and reestablish order following several deadly shootings.

This is the “law and order” administration flexing their muscles.

Barr is now pushing to charge rioters with federal crimes like “sedition,” which just further beefs up President Trump’s strong push and messaging to reestablish law and order in these communist-run liberal hell-holes.

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Daily Wire also reported that insurance companies may be forced to shell out a record $2 billion to businesses and individuals because of riot-related destruction.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are actually destroying small businesses and middle-class America. These are the most anti-black/anti-American movements of our lifetime.


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