Black Voter Films Himself Telling a Biden Pollster He's Voting For In-Person For Trump

For the first time in my life, I’ve been polled. Twice, actually.

I brought it home for Trump, much to the chagrin of the pollsters, I am sure.

I am also getting bombarded with text messages from Biden Superpacs, and I like to mess with them as much as possible.

But this voter I am about to introduce you to takes the cake for “messing with pollsters.”


He’s a Black American who filmed himself being polled by team Biden, and he made sure to tell them he’s voting IN PERSON for the candidate with the most integrity…

Donald J. Trump

Ha ha ha!

We love it, and his reaction at the end is priceless.

You can watch the video below:

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I really believe that people are going to be shocked by President Trump’s Black and Hispanic vote. I think he’s going to increase his numbers significantly.

It doesn’t matter what color your president’s skin is when he’s pushing an America First agenda, because that will ensure that ALL AMERICANS prosper, and that’s exactly what Trump has done, and I believe the American people will reward him for that.


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