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Sacha Baron Cohen in ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’. (Sacha Baron Cohen via With Four by Two Films, IMDB)

Comedy make fun usually mean “punching up” but punching down more fun when you’re Borat-ing.

America, I am being back! Again too you can see me going across your country proving crime again of Americans being polite!

You were watching me in theaters when it was 2006 and I make boatloadings of money on showing Borat but my friend Sacha Baron Cohen make many movies that make many little money since then. Remember Bruno of 2009 and The Dictator of 2012 and The Brothers Grimsby of 2016? They attract people like Kazakhstan theme park! Now back on TV I go, where I started. This time Amazon Prime show me back Borat-ing. I fool people just like on Candid Campfire! Which was also on TV! So many year ago Kazakhstan still ruled by Khrushchev!! But this time different because I make more pee-pee humor!

Sacha tell me make funny this time with fake daughter going round to help me. We have mission to restore Kazakh pride by making “gift of sexy monkey” to “America’s most famous ladies man: Mikhael Pence.” Ha, ha, we go debutante ball dressing like Prince and Princess of Kazakhs and fake daughter lift up dress to show moonblood between legs! You make laughing now? Ha ha, we go to see Jesus guy at life clinic and tell him I put baby in my daughter and she want out with baby! Jesus guy no flinching at all when we tell him this! Ha ha!

Nobody no flinching when I be doing my most wild and crazy stuff. At Conservative action conflagration I go like Kooky Klux Klan man and say, “I’m Stephen Miller!” Ha ha, wacky music being playing on the track of sound so you know it’s time to make laughing! Everyone look at me like so strange but then I go to speakings of Mikhael Pence and stand up in room. I am being dressing like McDonald Trump, ha ha! I say, “Mikhael Pence, you’re fired!” Ha, ha am I making with such crazy talk! When I yelling things, Secret Servicing not be shooting me, just asking me politely to go out door. Thank you for not shooting, Secret Service!

Comedy make fun usually mean “punching up” but punching down more fun when you’re Borat-ing. Make ordinary people make foolish by being nice! I ask cake-shop lady write, “Jews will not replace us” on big cake and make smiley faces too! Cake-shop lady do whatever she being told! Maybe cake-shop lady afraid of being sued for denying of service and winding up to Supreme Court, who are knowing? America very stupid, doing whatever wacky foreigner be asking to them. I go to copying shop sending wacky facsimiles to boss of Kazhakstan too. My “daughter” ask Christian ladies can they be driving cars then ask them be dropping panties to touch Virginia! Make merry, America! Then I going synagoguery disguised as Jew with fake foot-long nose and big bag marked “$” to tell some Jews, “Use your venom on me!” and tell Holocaust survivor there was no Holocaustery! Yet Jew woman being so nice to me anyway! You are not being in on the joke? I being such comedy genius I not being sure what joke is myself! Also not for getting the joke when I cough on Forrest the Gump! Me coughing on beloved senior person Tom Hanks, such weirdness, right?

Not totally punching down for all the times, though. I punch up at Rudy G — no relation making to my friend Ali G! Ex former major of New York City now lonely man no ring on finger, make divorcing three times! I hear he like woman with ample cheese-producing capacity so I make to send my “daughter” to him for pretend interview on making TV journalism, and she is being so nice to him and so pretty, he ask for phone numbers! Also after interview he in hotel room on bed tucking in shirt after she taking his body microphone out and his shirt be untucking. Ha, ha, his hand goes down pantsings for two seconds! Boom, I bursting into room in woman underwear, telling Rudy G my “daughter” being only 15 when Maria Bakalova, actress playing her, actually being 24! Crazy Rudy G, not knowing you should not be tucking in shirt for two second when Borat filming you secreting! All males of America, we are being watching when you in hotel room bedroom!

Too much of hilarity to be telling you. Did you know Americans saying not truthings on Facebookie? Did you know crazy QAnon crackpottery people living in cabins with guns? So much making stupid America! Next I am to be making threequel moviefilm: Borat: Making Laborious Comedy Attempt for Benefitting of More Hating Americans!

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