BREAKING: Governor Kemp Just Called For "Signature Audit" in Georgia After Disturbing Ballot Surveillance Video Was Released

Team Trump, who’s been accused of not having “any evidence” unleashed their own version of “The Kraken” in Georgia during a hearing on election “irregularities.”


They showed a surveillance video of unsupervised ballot counters, pulling out suitcases of ballots and counting them with no one around to supervise or observe.

Gee, that doesn’t look weird or anything, right?


The video shocked many people – it’s a game-changer…even Fox News aired it on several of their shows.


And now, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who certified a fraud election in his state is backtracking and calling for a signature audit.

Watch the video:

Thank the good Lord that Trump has such fighters on his side.

There will never be anything that anyone can say or do that will convince me that Biden won the 2020 election.

He was probably the worst candidate I’ve ever seen and ran the worst campaign I’ve ever seen, with the least bit of support and excitement I’ve ever seen.

This was an epic steal, and the only way to make this right is to award the win to the man who actually won: Donald J. Trump.

Keep fighting and let’s keep pushing these RINO’s to do the right thing. Truth and God are both on our side.


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