BREAKING NEWS: Leftist CNN’s Nathan McDermott Gets an Education! Mail In Balloting Really IS a Serious Problem

By Greg Holt

A CNN reporter received an education, mail-in ballots are not a safe and effective way to vote – how about that.


It’s ironic that a reporter for the Leftist hacks known as CNN got a mail-in ballot, except that said ballot’s return envelope had someone else’s address on it.

So this is a problem?  Seriously???  Correct me if I’m wrong, but Trump said mail-in balloting was a problem a long time ago.  But if Trump says it – it’s automatically disregarded.

Signing and returning this ballot could mean that the ballot would be invalidated.
Really?  You don’t say.

Then we have CNN’s crack reporter implying that the average voter is an idiot.

Nathan is a political journalist, so he will notice things, like a wrong address.  The rest of us hapless idiots will just blithely return the ballot without a second glance.  Oh please give me a break.


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Letter from General Flynn. 

Well gosh, that’s a surprise!


It’s New York, what do you expect?  Leftists can’t run anything without damaging it, screwing it up, and costing a fortune.

But hay, vote Democrat because the Dems will save us. ROTFL…


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