Brit Hume Singlehandedly Destroys Liberal Reporters Praising Biden's Awful Presser

Let’s face it, the leftist media is utterly shameless. These people have no self-respect whatsoever.


Our embarrassing press spent 5 years trashing President. Trump over every little, tiny, itsy-bitsy thing.

If the man held a water glass with two hands, he was labeled a “stroke victim.”

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If he mispronounced just one tiny word, he was called “mentally ill” and everyone started invoking the world 25 Amendment.

However, now, when there’s a man in office who can’t string a sentence together and who barely knows where he is half the time, suddenly, they don’t care about “mental capacity,” or physical stamina.

Biden’s fine, everyone…he just has a “childhood stutter…and how rude of you to point out his stutter, you bigot and bully….”


And Biden’s disastrous press conference was the cherry sitting atop the Dementia cake.

The man couldn’t keep his train of thought on the tracks – he was all over the map, and when he wasn’t stumbling and muttering through his confusing responses, he was trying to “read” about what he was supposed to say from his booklet of cheat sheets – some with pictures!!

It was awful – it was literally a dumpster fire, and everyone knows it, but the liberal media refuses to admit it, so they’re further embarrassing themselves by claiming Biden’s presser was amazing.

I don’t even know how they can write this stuff with a straight face….and neither does Fox News’ Brit Hume, who singlehandedly took on two of these hucksters and called them out for this shameless propaganda.

It started with this so-called “Republican” fool Max Boot, who is so infested with TDS, he can’t even think straight.

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Here’s what he said: “The dominant narrative from the right wing industrial complex is that Biden is senile and being manipulated by shadowy leftists. It’s a charge so crazy it doesn’t deserve refutation. But Biden’s crisp press conference shows he is fully in command of the issues.”

Good Lord, “crisp and in command”?? Max Boot has been smoking crack with Hunter again…

Here was Brit’s response to this nonsensical drivel from Boot: “Because nothing says crisp press conference like reading foreign policy answers out of a briefing book.”

Right on…and that’s not even bringing up the fact that Biden couldn’t keep his choo-choo of thought on track.

But then another Biden-huckster chimed in…Matthew Dowd claims that Fox News doesn’t like people who are prepared and have facts.

Another desperate and dumb “hot take” from the communist peanut gallery.

Here’s what he said: “So Fox News and you are against informative briefings and facts?”

And this is where Brit teed up a nice nuke.

Here’s what he said: “Actually no. We’re just in favor of a president being able to speak fluently and extemporaneously about their own policies.”

OUCH! Direct hit!

What we’re witnessing is a full-blown propaganda war.

These people know perfectly well that Biden is a senile fool and that he’s not even in charge.


But that doesn’t matter.

This is the “plan” and they’re 100 percent backing it up, even if it makes them look like absolute idiots and further destroys the US media.

They don’t care, because “Orange Man Bad” is all that matters to these insane people.


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