Brooklyn Man Paralyzed After Being Shot by a Stray Bullet While Walking to the Store to Buy Toothpaste

Buying toothpaste is now a high-risk situation in de Blasio’s New York City.

You’re putting your life on the line just stepping out your door, even in so-called “safe” Broooklyn…that’s how bad things are in de Blasio’s violent communist hell-hole.

That’s what happened to a 33-year-0ld man who was walking with his wife to the store to buy a tube of freaking toothpaste.

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Sam Metcalfe was hit in the spine by a stray bullet and now his life will never be the same.

Thanks, de Blasio.

From Daily Mail

An innocent bystander who was shot in broad daylight in Brooklyn on Wednesday will likely never walk again after a bullet struck his spine while he walked with his wife to buy toothpaste from a nearby store.

The tragic shooting is one of several incidents of gun violence in New York City, where homicides surged by 29 per cent to 244 from January  1 to August 2 from the same period last year.

The five boroughs have also seen an 84.6 per cent rise in shooting victims to 1,017 during those dates compared with the same period in 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Sam Metcalfe, 33, survived the shooting while an 18-year-old man, Malcolm Amede, died near the intersection of Ocean and Woodruff avenues in Flatbush – just south of Prospect Park.

Amede, a suspected gang member, was believed to be the shooter’s intended target.

A GoFundMe account started to help Metcalfe and his wife, Sabrina, described how the tragic events unfolded.

Sam’s wife told him he didn’t need to come but he wanted to hold the umbrella for her because it was raining and the umbrella was broken.

While the two crossed an intersection five minutes from their building, shots rang out and Sam was hit.

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The intended victim (not Sam) was also shot multiple times and died.

de Blasio recently bragged about how much safer NYC was now that he’s not locking up as many people.

Do you think this couple would agree?


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