Joe Biden Gives Shortest DNC Acceptance Speech In Decades

Can we please put a “Lid” on Lies?

Sorry to repeat myself, but is there ANYTHING Democrats do these days that is fair and honest?

Your mother probably taught you ages ago, don’t blame, don’t run away from responsibility, and don’t lie because you’ll just have to keep telling more lies to cover that one. Democrats’ whole complete narrative is a lie. The more we normals can see it with our own eyes, the more they double, triple and quadruple down.

Is there anyone that doesn’t know that Joe Biden is not remotely fit for the highest office in the land? The only positive Democrats have for voting for him is that he’s not Donald Trump. They have swallowed (once again) the Democrat line that Donald Trump is a “danger to Democracy” while he goes about trying to constitutionally stop their incitement to riot, loot, burn and murder.

Yep, Trump is dangerous alright. He is dangerous to them and the scams they’ve been running on the American People.

Observers Stunned as Biden Shuts Down Campaign Early Amid Crucial News Cycle

Police officers are wounded in rioting, the Supreme Court controversy rages, and Joe Biden’s campaign calls it quits early – again.


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