Cardi B Tries to Take On Candace Owens, But Quickly Gets Scared and Deletes Her Tweets

Cardi B is proving yet again that she has zero class.

Besides her vulgar music, Cardi B is just an unpleasant, uncouth woman, who is doing far more damage than good.


And she just recently stooped to all new lows when she tried to slander Candace Owens and her family with recently-deleted tweets.

Cardi shared supposed tweets from Candace, claiming that her brother and husband were having an affair. One problem, the tweets were fake. Photoshopped, to be exact.

Owens faced this disgusting slander with pure wit and class, simply claiming that Cardi B’s actions of using photoshopped tweets to smear her family were illegal and that she would be getting her lawyer involved.

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It took a bit of back and forth, but Cardi B eventually tucked her tail and deleted the tweets.

Probably the smartest thing she’s ever done.

From Breitbart

The false tweet reads, “Yes, my husband did cheat on me with my brother. Yes, he said no when I asked to join them.”

After Owens informed Cardi B the tweet was fake, the disgusting rapper went to town posting it a few more times, along with screencaps of the headlines at sites that had fallen for the fake tweet and written about it.

In other words, Cardi B’s rationale for spreading this obvious lie appeared to be something along the lines of: It must be true, I saw it on the Internet.

At first, Owens took it in stride, tweeting, “Cardi. My dear. That is clearly a photoshopped tweet.” Then, referring to Cardi B’s notoriously unfaithful husband, Owens added, “Only one of us has a husband that sleeps around.”

Being reminded that she is unable to hold onto a man — no matter how much she debases herself — seemed to infuriate the rapper, who then doubled and tripled down with her now-deleted tweets, some of which were screen-capped by the Daily Wire:

“What the actual hell are you talking about?” Owens wrote in another tweet. “Are you dead serious right now trying to substantiate a photoshopped tweet? Asking one more time before I get the lawyers to make you publicly admit you’re lying[.]”

Owens warned the rapper, “FYI I DO have a brother, a private citizen, who you are slandering right now with this photoshopped image that you are now publicly claiming you saw tweeted in real life. You want to admit you lied now, or get sued so I can expose you as a liar?”

Candace really settled the score and owned Cardi when she posted this tweet:


Cardi B definitely barked up the wrong tree with Owens.

She keeps trying to go toe to toe with her and ends up falling flat on her face every time.

When is she going to learn?

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