CBS Sitcom Creator Chuck Lorre on 2020 Election Results: 'It's Troubling and Humbling'

Now that the fall season of television has started, we get to be treated to a new round of vanity cards from CBS’ “King of Sitcoms” Chuck Lorre. Of course, his latest card, #652, which aired November 12 during the credits after three of his shows, Young Sheldon, new comedy B Positive, and Mom, was about politics, specifically the election results.

Lorre began, “While it’s reassuring to learn that seventy-five million people agree with me, it’s troubling and humbling to discover that almost seventy-one million do not.” (And that’s not even taking into account how many more votes there may have been for Trump without the alleged voter fraud.)

The card just before this one last week was the first to air during the fall season, and stated that life and death was “literally” on the ballot this year. At least, unlike many other liberals decrying the lack of a great blue wave, Lorre is unique in saying it has humbled him. Maybe we’ll see less of his usual vitriolic and polemic vanity cards this year because of his new humility? #NotHoldingMyBreath

He also valiantly called for unity as many other liberals are doing now that they appear to have won the election. After four years of the left calling conservatives racists, xenophobes and a host of other hateful names, and treating us like pariahs, even in some family circles, it’s hard to accept these calls as genuine. It’s easy to be kind when you’re winning. It’s the character you display when you’re losing that matters.

Conservatives Fight Back! If you’d like to pen your thoughts on Lorre’s vanity card, you can contact these major sponsors of ‘Young Sheldon:’ Target, Ford Motor Company, and Walgreens.

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