Change Your "Defund The Police" Message Or Trump Will Win

If the Democrats changed their plan and decided that they wanted to fund the police, how many of you think the American voter would support them in the general election in November?

The T-Mobile CEO thinks so. According to the Politico, Mike Sievert took to his Facebook page. He posted if Democrats “want to LOSE THIS ELECTION, we should keep saying and repeating the phrase ‘Defund the Police’ and associate the phrase with our candidates.”

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Sievert called the rhetoric to defund police a “surefire” way to hand Pres. Trump and other congressional Republicans another term, after the unrest and at-times violent protests in Kenosha, Wis.

“[I]f the mantra becomes ‘Defund the Police’ or worse, if we start to riot and tear down buildings or incite violence in response, the other guy wins. THE OTHER GUY WINS. And the changes we want, and demand, don’t come about anytime soon.”

This sounds like desperation, doesn’t it? Classic Democrat reasoning and hypocrisy.
He supports the “defund Police” movement but advocates the Democrats don’t say anything about it as it will driveway voters. Great. Ignore it, disavow it, and if you win, just bring it back later. Do you rely on anything the Democrats promise? You’ll sorry and surprised if you do, with an exception of a 4 trillion dollar tax hike right in the middle of a recession caused by the Chinese. Really? Bright idea, Democrats!

If I was a T-Mobile customer I sure wouldn’t be now. We already know that the Dems want to defund the police so it doesn’t matter now if they say the phrase or not, it’s already too late to shift the narrative. If you’re a T-Mobile customer switch carriers to someone who doesn’t want our police departments defunded.

I am still amazed that defunding the police is a legitimate conversation today. How about defunding half of the house and senate — that might be more effective.

Democrats were always going to lose! The media thought they were helping the Democrats but were hurting every time they opened their mouths!

There is no Democrat bandwagon this time. They have been stirring this “We hate Trump” mess for four years, but Trump supporters haven’t wavered. As we move closer to the election, things are equalizing, and learn how Joe Biden has a very little platform and no plan for how he will accomplish anything.

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History repeats itself as Americans remember that he has never accomplished anything his whole political career. Kamala Harris got no delegates during the Democrat Primary. If we learned anything about the California lawmaker, it was that she is not well-liked and is now pretty much in hiding and not saying much.

All they are doing is waiting in the wind to re-implement Barack Obama’s failed agenda against the majority of people’s will after the inevitable happens. Face it; the Democrats are taking on water like the “TITANIC.”

Sievert decided to pull all T-Mobile advertisements from Tucker Carlson Tonight because of rhetoric that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.  Yeah, a typical liberal. Run a communications company and block free speech. I don’t have T-Mobile, don’t think you should either.

T-Mobile is a disgusting company. I regularly hear their stores in my neighborhood blasting secular music onto the sidewalk (where families are passing) as an inducement for customers to get pitched by their salespeople. On that alone, I would never do business with them.



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