BREAKING: Biden Exceeds Vaccination Goal!

With millions of people receiving the COVID vaccine, some people are concerned that they are morally problematic to get if they were created with the use of fetal cell lines that originated from an abortion. The Charlotte Lozier Institute has just published an easy-to-understand, updated chart describing which vaccines used these lines in their development and/or testing and which did not.

In a nutshell, of the three vaccines currently available, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were not developed or manufactured using the cell lines taken from a Dutch abortion in 1972. But some tests were — and some were not — conducted with them. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was created and tested using those cell lines.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has advised that Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are ethical to receive for Catholics because there was only a “remote connection” between the cell lines and the product itself.

People have to decide the best moral course for themselves, of course. Here is a link to the new Charlotte Lozier chart.

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