Chuck Schumer Gets Laughed Off the Internet After Making Outrageous Demands For Amy Coney Barrett

It’s always funny when people who don’t hold any cards, think they’re holding them all and make really silly and stupid demands.

And that’s exactly what Cryin’ Chuck Schumer just did in a tweet that backfired spectacularly in his face.


For some odd reason, Chuck thought it would be a smart idea to start listing his “demands” for future SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

He’s already deciding what she should and should not be weighing in on once she’s confirmed.

Here’s what Chuck wrote:

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“Serious conflicts of interest: Judge Barrett must immediately pledge to recuse herself from decisions on the Affordable Care Act and the 2020 election.”

It didn’t take long for Chuck to face a barrage of backlash and plenty of people who were more than. happy to remind Chuck that he has no power here.

Here are some of the replies that surely had Cryin’ Chuck sobbing:

“Shut up you desperate clown. Nobody gives a crap what you think. Soon as Trump wins, The House will follow. Time to retire Schumer.”

“Why, because you disagree with her position? GTFOH”

“I smell fear”

“I’m at a complete loss as to why she should recuse herself from any such decisions. Can anybody even approach a logical argument to support Chucky’s demand?”

“Shut up old fart”

“I don’t believe you can make that call! Chuck, you are showing how stupid you truly are! Because you think we are all to ignorant to see through your BS.”

“LOL!!! Ok, Chuck…Get real, loser.

Hidden @joeBiden refuses to tell us his plans for nominees and court and should be disqualified.”

“No, she doesn’t need to bow to you or your puppetmasters. It’s long past your retirement, isn’t it? Do us a favor and be quiet or resign.”

“Democrats always want to set the rules where they have no seat in the game”

The Dems will scream and yell and put on a show for their radical kook base, but they have no say in what goes on here.

This is Mitch’s show, and it will play out exactly how he wants it to, and as Lindsey Graham said, ACB should be confirmed by 10/27, barring any unforeseen theatrics by the communist Dems.


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