Cindy McCain's Tweet Praising Biden For Being a "Dependable" Commander in Chief Comes Back to Haunt Her

Cindy McCain believes she is one of the reasons that Arizona went for Biden (many people don’t believe AZ “really” went to Biden).

But she did work her tail off campaigning and fighting for Joe Biden.


Back in September of 2020, Cindy put out a tweet claiming that Joe would be a “dependable” commander in chief because he knows what it’s like to send a child off to fight.


Well, today, under Joe Biden’s “dependable” watch, we’ve lost (as of now) 12 US service members thanks to Joe’s ineptitude.

I wonder if Cindy wants to update her tweet?’

Here’s what she said: “He will be a commander in chief that the finest fighting force in the history of the world can depend on because he knows what it is like to send a child off to fight.”

Needless to say, Cindy got ravaged for this tweet, which certainly did not age well.

“Hey, Cindy, anything you’d like to add today to this tweet?” 

“Wow, this tweet aged well, huh Cindy?”

“Your a traitor just like your husband was.” 

“8 months in and a lot of service people dead, you still feel this way, Cindy?” 

“12 US serviceMEN killed in Kabul today…and counting. And he doesn’t have the guts to answer a question or show his face today. Coward. Incompetent fool. Your late husband would have loved him.”

“Gee Cindy, today it looks like he doesn’t give a damn.”

“How is this working out for our country Cindy?”

“I’m not sure the US soldiers in Afghanistan would agree with your assessment.”

“Nailed it! You are really quite the sage LOL” 

“This aged like milk left out in the hot sun”

“Do you still hold this opinion? Just wondering. Sincerely, America”

“So, after 8/26/2021, this makes you somewhat responsible due to your gross miscalculation, correct?”

Looking back on these types of tweets is really sobering, especially when Joe Biden has been known his entire career for being absolutely horrible when it comes to foreign policy.

But people like Cindy and the media hid all of that from many Americans who didn’t know much about Joe’s low points.


And now, many, many people have died as a result.


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