Clueless Hillary Clinton Gives Kamala Harris The "Kiss of Death" Political Endorsement in Craziest Tweet Ever

Hillary Clinton could be one of the most clueless non-self-aware people in politics, or this world, for that matter.

She truly has no idea how unlikeable she is, and as a result, she doesn’t understand how off-putting other women are who remind the pubic of HER.

That’s what happened at last night’s VP debate.


Kamala Harris had that same smug, condescending vibe, and that same witchy-poo cackling laugh as Hillary. As a woman, I can’t stand any of it. These types remind me of every busy-body know-it-all lady I’ve ever run into. The type of woman who is out to prove how much stronger she is than a man by pushing this fake “strong feminism” garbage.

The “excuse me, I’m speaking” stuff that Kamala kept doing all evening, came off as so unlikeable and such a turn-off to normal people.

Of course, feminists loved it…this is how they truly think “strong women” should behave…like a bunch of unhinged, rude “Karens.”

So, it’s no wonder that Mike Pence cleaned Kamala’s clock during the debate.

But that was all lost on dear old clueless Hillary, who not only endorsed Kamala, but she did so by using the worst moment from the debate.

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That’s right, Hillary posted a gif of Kamala doing the condescending “I’m speaking” nonsense to celebrate her debate “masterful” debate performance.

Give me a break, will you? Masterful? ?

It was literally the worst part of the debate, but of course, angry and bitter Hillary would never realize that.

Here’s what she said: “Congratulations to @kamalaharris for a masterful debate performance. She swatted away the lies with ease. Join this winning team.”

Needless to say, Hillary got shredded pretty badly:

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“Wow. Hillary posts a clip of Kamala at her most unlikable.”

“I think that tells you everything you need to know about Hillary’s own personality”

“You’re just happy there’s finally someone less likable than you.”

“She got absolutely crushed. She told lie after lie even though they’ve been debunked repeatedly. She can’t answer even the most basic policy question. What a horrifying thought this woman might lead our country. Let alone mention foreign policy”

“I don’t think she rose to your level, Hill. ‘

“Hillary, Kamala is the only woman in this nation that is as unlikeably repulsive as you are.”

“There was nothing “masterful” about her performance.”

“This is the kiss of death “endorsement” right here.”

“If you think that was masterful, that might explain why you lost in 2016.”

“Bruh even Hellen Keller could see that she got obliterated last night”

“There was nothing “masterful” about her performance.”

“She got crushed. Independent voters thought she was condescending and too arrogant. Rest of Americans saw her dodge questions and lie.”

Right now the left is either living in a massive bubble, unable to accept reality, or they see what an absolute disaster this is, and they’re spinning like hamsters on a wheel.

Honestly, I think it’s a combination of both.




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