CNN Gets Brutally Mocked For Pushing Most Absurd "Peaceful Protest Propaganda" of All Time...

We all have pretty low expectations when it comes to CNN, right?

Nobody actually believes these people are doing “real news.”

But even so, sometimes these fake news charlatans hit a low that’s so deeply in the gutter that you can’t believe it’s real.

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That’s what happened to many folks when they saw CNN’s latest “peaceful protest propaganda” piece.

I saw a screenshot from this video, and honest to God, I thought it was a meme some funny guy made…I was gobsmacked when I discovered it wasn’t fake.

It’s real.

During a live shoot, a CNN reporter stood in front of burning buildings in Kenosha, WI. and the chyron beneath him read “Firey, but mostly peaceful protests.”

What the heck?

This latest CNN propaganda comes on the heels of the Dems doing a 180 and now condemning the rioting violence after discovering it’s not “polling” well for them.

You can watch the video below:

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Here are some of the reactions people had to this unbelievable propaganda, even by CNN’s lowly and pathetic standards:

“the media in this country is fundamentally broken.”

“It’s impossible to dunk on CNN harder than it dunks on itself”


“Fiery but mostly peaceful Japanese tourists survey Pearl Harbor”

“This is what a Biden Presidency will bring to your city. Hats off to CNN for having the stamina to continue to carry water for democrats. “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests””

“CNN, 1666: Fiery but mostly peaceful night in London.”

“CNN is under fire for declaring “FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING.” Not to get “all mavericky,” but claiming these protests are mostly peaceful but “fiery [but] peaceful” seems a tad oxymoronic.”

At this point, CNN is a clown show that nobody with any sense takes seriously.

But they’re okay with that- as long as they can keep bamboozling their loyal viewers and act as a Democrat SuperPac, life is good for these hacks and bums.

Pathetic and embarrassing.


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