Erica Hill CNN New Day 9-7-20

Has the liberal media’s blatant bias against President Trump hit a new low? A CNN host appears to have expressed sadness that allegations made against the president might not hurt him politically.

On CNN’s New Day this morning, substitute host Erica Hill was discussing allegations against President Trump contained in a book by Michael Cohen, his former employee. The particular subject at hand was Cohen’s assertion that in the run-up to the 2016 election, Trump hired an actor to portray President Obama, and that Trump subsequently berated and ultimately “fired,” a la The Apprentice, the “Faux-bama.”



Commenting on it, Hill said:

“One of the things that we’re learning from Michael Cohen, we have this picture of this person who was hired to play the role of former President Barack Obama, opposite Donald Trump, who apparently, in this recorded video, spent time berating the Faux-bama, and then finishing off by firing him. It’s fascinating, Margaret [Talev, of Axios], and it’s so sad, at the same time, that this would be a focus, that a grown man would hire an actor, so they could — I don’t know, fulfill a fantasy of firing them? I mean, I wonder, Margaret, if this will still have an impact, though, sadly, given where we are at this point.”

Erica Hill CNN New Day 9-7-20Hill seems to be fretting that, “sadly,” this supposed revelation might not hurt President Trump politically. That inference is buttressed by Hill’s following comment, “given where we are at this point.” She appears to be suggesting that, given how other allegations made in the past against Trump have failed to stick, this latest one might, “sadly,” also fail to have the intended effect. 

Keep hope alive, Erica: with the full-court press by liberal “journalists” like you between now and Election Day, some allegations by the likes of Michael Cohen might just find their mark. Or, “sadly,” not. 

CNN’s Hill worrying that allegations against President Trump might, “sadly,” not hurt him politically was sponsored in part by Carvana, and Proctor & Gamble’s Swiffer.  Contact Carvana and Proctor & Gamble at the “Conservatives Fight Back” links, and let them know what you think of  their sponsorship of this kind of rooting against President Trump by CNN.

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