CNN Stelter Show Bumps Piers Morgan After His Hunter Biden Lecture on 'Fox & Friends'

Former CNN host Piers Morgan was scheduled for a Sunday interview on Reliable Sources…until he made an appearance on Friday’s Fox & Friends ripping the media’s lack of interest in covering the Hunter Biden scandal. Suddenly, he was cancelled. 

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt noted Biden dragged out the usual “nothing wrong” denials, and then played a disgusting medley of the Biden-enabling media trashing anyone touching the Hunter Biden scandal. 

Morgan replied: “Look, I don’t care if you are pro-Trump, anti-Trump, one of the things in my new book is about fair-mindedness. At the very least these journalists are revealing themselves to be hyper-partisan.” 

He added: “let’s be completely clear: if you swapped Hunter Biden’s name for Donald Trump Jr., do you think all these journalists would be talking in the way they are about these New York Post revelations?”

PIERS MORGAN: From where I sit as a former newspaper editor, I’ve seen them [at the Post] run, day after day after day, revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, they say, with emails between Hunter Biden and various business associates. And as we sit here today talking, I don’t believe either the existence of that being Hunter’s laptop or the veracity of those emails has been questioned. Nobody on the Biden side has denied that it’s his laptop or his emails.

Some conspiracy. It may well be messy, involving Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani. Who knows how it came to get to the Post. But, putting all that aside, isn’t the basic fundamental duty of any journalist on any media organization to at least look at the allegations and if they haven’t been denied, work on what they say.

He later repeated the point about not having a double standard: “journalists should have a duty, if they’re impartial, to investigate it with the same aggression and enthusiasm they would investigate it if the name Biden was switched for Trump.”

On Friday at 1:20 PM Eastern, Morgan tweeted: “After this interview aired, my book-promoting appearance on CNN’s @ReliableSources this Sunday — which they had pursued me for weeks to do — was abruptly cancelled.” 

An hour later, Stelter replied on Twitter: “We had to make multiple changes today to fit in a newsmaker: The exec editor of The AP. Yes, I wanted to book you a month ago, and hope we can still have that conversation. As you know, TV booking is complicated and ever-changing! But there’s no conspiracy afoot.”

Oh come on! A look at the actual Sunday show reveals that AP editor Sally Buzbee came on to talk about coverage of the aftermath of the election…which could be done next Sunday.

Stelter actually brought back his panel of experts halfway through the show to dismiss the Hunter Biden scandal and what Stelter calls “the Murdoch Smear Machine.” Politico’s John F. Harris summed up CNN’s cynical approach to Biden scandals: “Neither the people pushing it, nor I think people in the media — who are very wary about the sourcing and credibility of it, really trying to push it to the margins — probably nobody really cares that much about the substance of it.”

Then Stelter interviewed reporters with the Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call — what national “newsmakers”! — on not having a physical newsroom any more. 

Stelter’s tweet is a poor excuse for a defense. CNN just treats their audience like a tender group of children who can’t hear a discouraging word about the buckraking Bidens at this emotional boiling point.

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