CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Roasted After Tweeting That Trump Didn't "Stop to Take Questions" on His Way to Hospital

What is wrong with liberals?

These people are just soulless nimrods who are so consumed with TDS that they can’t see or think straight.

The perfect example of this kind of mindless nonsense is none other than CNN’s Jim Acosta.


Acosta was in rare “stupid” form today as he stood outside watching Trump take off for the hospital after being diagnosed with COVID.

Apparently, Acosta thought Trump should waltz on over and take a bunch of useless blubbering questions from our communist propaganda press while he has COVIOD and is fully contagious and trying to get to a hospital.

Acosta put out a tweet with a photo of Trump off in the distance, and said this: “Trump did not stop for questions”

It didn’t take long for the internet to respond to Jim’s stupidity:

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“Should at least stopped to cough on you huh? smh”

“Just stop, Jim.”

“please don’t report any longer this is a serious situation and there’s non need for your hate . Don’t mention our presidents name , just go home .”

“And if he did .. breaking Trump stopped for questions endangering the lives of us journalists…. you’re stale.”

“Imagine if he did. Acosta would be telling us how he broke quarantine and put ‘reporter’s’ lives in danger.”

“He’s contagious. You’re thirsty for COVID?”

“You seem like the kind of guy that girls have to file restraining orders against”


“Do you ever tire of being made fun of?”

“You truly SUCK at your job,Jim!”


“He saw you & knew you’d ask stupid questions like “Did you get corona virus from Russian hookers, Mr. President”? “Speaking of Russians, now that it’s proven Hillary Clinton orchestrated the fake dossier to set you up, why do you still want to see her deleted yoga emails”?”

“I’ve just come to the conclusion that you have a man crush on Donald Trump”

“Uh yeah he’s sick you moron. Beyond that if he stopped for questions you’d call for attempted murderer charges.”

“Acosta did not stop being a douche”

Jimbo really is a fool.

And the funny part is that these media people wonder why the American public mocks them and doesn’t take them seriously…well, newsflash – this is why…They’re a bunch of Trump-hating clowns.


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