Col. Phil Waldron Returns to Arizona Today With Lyle Rapacki to Discuss Maricopa County Election Audit

Lyle Rapacki discusses the upcoming Maricopa County election audit with Col. Phil Waldron


By Lyle Rapacki


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(TCP News)  Herein is the release of Part II of ARIZONA TODAY with Col. Phil Waldron.  Both segments were recorded the same day, Thursday, April 15th, and our intent was to begin opening the curtain explaining the multiple dimensions of the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic audit that begins on Thursday, April the 22nd.  While I have discussed over the previous weeks many aspects, including the deliberate and mean-spirited assaults to derail and even destroy the forensic audit, I promised I would begin revealing the truth behind the audit as well as many dimensions making the audit thorough and honest.  While “seeds of truth” have been dropped on previous shows, you will now begin to hear solid, thoughtful and knowledgeable presentations in preparation for the formal forensic audit.

Do not let the mild feedback distract you.  You will hear clearly Col. Waldron’s answers and our conversation.  Get your questions into ARIZONA TODAY as you will hear me say at the end of the show.  Regular viewers (1.3 million of you thus far) know the address, but it is listed at the end of the show.  THANK YOU for continuing to financially and prayerfully support me and an incredible team of modern day American Patriots who have been in the trench fighting the good fight and taking the hits doing so.  THANK you, each one of you for your gracious support.

Editor’s Note: Below is part one of this interview, after that is part two.

Arizona Today – Interview with Col. Phil Waldron – PART 2 | Prescott eNews

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