Colorado Woman Assaulted 12-Year-Old Boy over Trump Yard Sign

Supporter of President Donald Trump holds up a “Trump Pence” campaign sign at the president’s rally in Cleveland, Ohio, November 5, 2018. (Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)

A woman assaulted a 12-year-old boy on Monday Boulder, Colo. over a Trump yard sign he was carrying, according to police.

Boulder police are investigating a report of the assault, which occurred at 3 p.m. in north Boulder. Police have not made any arrests or citations so far.

According to police, the boy was riding his bicycle with the Trump sign when the suspect, described as a white female in her 20s or 30s riding a moped, stopped and made a U-turn. The woman drove up to confront the boy, saying something like, “you want something to look at” and “began assaulting him because of his political banner,” police said.

The woman allegedly hit the boy with a closed fist on his arms and the back of his head four or five times and scratched him. The boy told police the woman attempted unsuccessfully to steal the Trump sign before leaving.

“I was just shocked about why she did that,” the boy said. “She probably didn’t know that I was a 12-year-old. But either way, whatever age I am, they shouldn’t be doing that.”

The woman was described as having blondish-brown hair, wearing a tan jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans, and riding a blue or gray moped.

“My son’s a very patriotic person. He appreciates what the president’s doing for our country,” said the boy’s father, who expressed that he wants to press charges.

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