Comedian Norm McDonald Just Set "Hateful Liberals" Straight in this Brilliant Tweet About Trump and Melania's COVID Diagnosis

We talk a lot about Black Lives Matter, Police Lives Matter, All Lives Matter etc. Well, at the end of the day, if we don’t have humanity, none of that matters.

I know the left are hateful, angry people. This isn’t news to me…But I am still shocked and disgusted by the level of hatred and vulgar vile spewing from them over President Trump and Melania’s COVID diagnosis.


It’s as if they can’t be happy and excited unless something terrible is happening. They’re literally joyous and excited that President Trump faces potential death from a virus sent to use from an evil communist empire.

I will tell you this much, I absolutely detested Obama’s policies, and I don’t think he’s an honorable or good man in any way shape or form. I feel the same way about his wife – with that said, I honestly would be very sad if some tragedy befell them, and I would pray for them both.

I don’t understand this thirst for negativity, and celebrating illness. It’s just so twisted and sick.

But that’s what we’re seeing from SO MANY on the left. It got so bad, that on Twitter, they had to make a “rule” that people celebrating Trump’s sickness and wishing him death could face suspension. The news of him contracting CCOVID was a joyous celebration. Imagine being that dark and miserable of a person?

Normal people like you and me are disgusted by this behavior and thankfully, many are speaking out, including comedian Norm McDonald who made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, back when it was actually funny.

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He put out a tweet that was just brilliant. When I read it, I knew I had to get it to you, because it just puts these evil scumbags in their place in the most perfect way possible.

Here’s what he said:

“Pray for the speedy recovery of the President and the First Lady. If prayer is beyond your moral scope, then at least find it in your heart not to laugh.”

That line…”at least find it in your heart not to laugh” is so true.

Maybe they hate Trump so much that they can’t pray for him – maybe they’re Godless progressives, okay, so be it, but good grief people, find your humanity and stop laughing and rejoicing…because let me tell you, the energy and vibes that you put out, will come back on you 10-fold.

These dark, hateful liberals need to go take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves why they’ve allowed politics to corrupt their minds, and blacken their souls.



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