Communism Is The Worst Form Of Capitalism

About the author: Gabriel Theodor Gherasim is an acclaimed journalist, with articles and interviews which have been published in Romanian and English language newspapers and magazines from Romania, Moldova, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, and Canada. He also worked as a correspondent for Radio Free Europe and hosted a weekly radio show called Vocea Mioritei (The Voice of the Heart).

For over 90 days, Portland has seen the tumultuous result of Communist vandalism. The misguided youths are trying to install Communism as opposition to Capitalism. This is common practice with the leftist groups throughout America, when in reality bringing the country to Communism, far from changing its capitalist socio-economic order, would only transfer the society to the worst manifestation and manipulation of Capitalism, i.e., Communism.

Communism is an insidious form of theft called ‘nationalization,’ perpetrated by hoodlums and downright terrorist murderers calling themselves “the proletariat.” It preaches a revolving of society upside down called “revolution” in “the name of the working class.” The citizens become hostages and are used as slaves.

Leaving aside the impossibility of the real workers participating in this vandalism (those folks have to clock in every morning for their shifts and don’t have time to loiter in urban areas agitating hammer and sickle red flags, vandalizing and stealing from people), the agitation propaganda organizers and activists, are paid by corporate donors to create havoc on the middle class so that this vital buffer zone of any free society be sent into bankruptcy and turned into paupers.

It seems that Portland is quite selective in approving which extremists are allowed to invade and vandalize this city; earlier in the year (although not in the 1920s), it had prohibited the KKK folks from showing up, while the Communists have been welcome to come and destroy the property of middle-class business owners at will.

The Portland and other cities’ vandals don’t seem to care thinking beyond their actions: vandalizing, insulting, stealing, and –yes- killing. To them, this is done in an attempt to topple Capitalism.

So why is Communism the worst form of Capitalism?

The Communists have several stages in their take-over. The initial one is the ‘revolution’ or power-grabbing. The second stage is the creation of a Communist state which has its Capitalist institutions such as banks, factories, international trades, and other capitalist accouterments.

And just like other forms of capitalist countries, it has its religion, which to them is Satanism.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned by Communists in Romania for 14 years, wrote a biographical book on Karl Marx called Marx & Satan, which documents Marx’s revolutionary zeal as being, in fact, a call for human sacrifices to be done under the excuse of socio-economic purges.

The Kremlin knows that as it proudly displays the Satanic pentagram (the red star) on its towers and insignia. The same Kremlin has the mummified body of Lenin as an imposture imitation to Jesus’ Holy Sepulcher. As for the façade of atheist rhetoric Communism professes, this goes to the Devil’s best trick, as the modernist French literary figure Charles Baudelaire had stated, when he coined the maxim that “the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”

Communism and Nazism are two faces of the same coin: Socialism. So what is Socialism? It is the government stealing “aka socializing” property from their rightful owners. Socialist (Nazi and Communist) supporters would argue that this stealing, direct or indirect (taxes), is needed for redistribution purposes. Redistributing to whom?

The Communist idea of ‘distribution’ is to steal and use its loot. It is Communist practice to install its nomenclature of cadres (from Central Committee members to KGB/STASI/SECURITATE etc. i.e., repression police agents, in gated communities, send them on luxurious trips abroad on slave (i.e., working-class) money, have elite hospitals, shops, schools, and entertainment locations closed to the plebeians and only open to the elite few.

So Communists behave and are like other Country Club members, except that they don’t work; they steal from and terrorize the populations. Compare that to producing millionaires and billionaires who have to work morning to sunset, often seven days a week, to ‘stay on the top.’ Their families may benefit from these luxuries based properties and services; the producing owners may benefit from the mansions and cars and yachts and such as well because they worked and are working for it. Communism doesn’t create; it destroys, which means that in 100 years or less unless helped by western governments, it will implode. In Eastern Europe, it did so after 50 years. In Russia and China, it survives, thanks to the Western banks, governments, and corporations.

Any Communist and Socialist state follows the same formula of terrorization (revolution), theft, the genocidal killing, kidnapping, torturing of dissenters, and of course, the maintaining of the citizens at starvation level subsistence, with no passports, essentially in national gulags.

Some of these young American vandals justify their actions by saying that ‘that’ is not real Communism and that ‘they’ would make it right and fair in the United States.

What these agitators forget is that Mafia bosses (Communists included) don’t take lightly to their privileges being threatened. And in every single country who has known the curse of Communism, the first to be arrested, staged witch trials, tortured and decimated where the idealist Communists—all of them, no exception. And then followed the massacring during torture and detention or shot in the streets of 150,000,000 plus innocent civilians throughout the world in 100 years. This is Communism, the worst form of Capitalism.

The Northwest vandals, with their Lenin statue in Seattle and Stalin statue at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, are not the only culprits trying to bring Socialism in the United States. Governments and corporations do it too.

Governments make us take our shoes off in the airports as if we were entering into mosques. They have installed roadblocks and are stopping cars randomly without the driver of the vehicle being problematic.

The Glass–Steagall legislation describing four provisions of the United States Banking Act of 1933 separating commercial and investment banking, and thus avoiding monopoly, was canceled. In November 1999, President Bill Clinton publicly declared “the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate.” Needless to say that since that change in law, big banks destroyed smaller banks, and because of their monopoly, they became ruthless for both individuals and company clients. With monopoly comes Socialism, be it of the Fascist ilk or the Communist one. Banks have an affinity to sponsor socialist revolutions and have sponsored both Lenin (the Swiss ones) and Trotsky (the American ones) to talk about the Communist ones.

Corporations (such as CVS’ specialty’ pharmacies) appoint themselves as the only dispenser of very expensive anti-rejection and other medications, without any right from the patient to choose perhaps his/her friendly ma’ and pa’ neighborhood pharmacy.

So what is the alternative?

A human being should educate himself/herself and make informed decisions in his/her life. Part of being informed is to know WHAT IS a human being?

As I wrote in my book Gratia Cantantes (Recogniscience Therapy):

“The term human being reflects two realities, which are both part of us. One is temporary (the human) because it is made of matter, which is perishable. The other one is eternal (being), because it is made of an electro-magnetic field and as such, energy has no beginning and no end, it only changes modes of manifestation.

For example, when a person expires, the electro-magnetic field ‘spirals out’ (ex) of the body. It is like the driver who leaves the car; just because we don’t see him/her driving and operating the car, it doesn’t mean that s/he doesn’t exist anymore. S/he just walked away. It is the same with our being.
So, the question raises therefore, are we beings having a human experience or are we humans having a being experience? In a harmonious world, we are both. This is what the Latins had in mind when they reflected: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (Healthy Mind in Healthy body).

Unfortunately, these two essential values of our wholeness are often artificially pitted against each other following the “either/or fallacy.”
Much too often the being part known as ‘cognition,’ ‘gnosis,’ ‘soul,’ ‘intelligence,’ or ‘mind,’ is deferred exclusively to carnal experiences or senses, relegated to matter, instead of energy.

In fact, very often we juxtapose these two values without wondering about the interconnectedness of the two and that at the end of the day, the being can and does survive the human, whereas the human is inert and deteriorating without the being.

In fact the English word ‘dead’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon languages word for ‘still’, devoid of perception -which is a thought-emotion electro-magnetic process and therefore belonging to the eternal being in the human being- (Etymonline, ). So even if somebody is biologically alive, without cultivating, maintaining and progressing the spirit of love in his/her life, that person is going through life as a living dead. We have expressions such as “having an empty look,” “being heartless.” “being indifferent,” in other words, being detached from appreciating (being grateful) the gift of life.

The Italians have a solution to this in their proverb: finché c’è vita c’è speranza (As long as there is life, there is hope).

Hoping comes from the same etymological root as the physical act of ‘hopping around.’ Similarly, when we hope, even psychologically, we need to take a ‘leap of faith.’ In other words, coming back into the fullness of love and gratitude requires an act of faith.

Faith comes from the Latin fides, as in the English word “confidence.” The definition of fides is this: “ascent of the mind to the truth of a statement for which there is incomplete evidence.” Therefore, “faith is neither the submission of the reason, nor its acceptance. Faith is being able to cleave to a power or a goodness appealing to our higher and real self, not to our lower and apparent self. “(Arnold M. Literature and Dogma 1873, Etymonline ).

Let us note here that while trust is a rationally (human) based decision making process, deriving from several and consistent confirmations of an act of faith, faith per se’ is an act based on intuition (being), which is in constant communication with the higher and real Creator of the Universe and we may add the Eternal Self.

It is based on materialistic views that we choose possession of things and people, as opposed to being with things or people. Eric Fromm, in his To Have or To Be (Continuum International Publishing Group, London, UK, 2005), gives an example on how these two mentalities may affect us and the world: one poet sees a beautiful rose in the forest, he cuts it off, brings it home and puts it in a vase, after which he writes a poem on how beautiful this rose is; another poet, sees a beautiful rose in the forest, uproots it and transplants it in his garden, after which he writes a poem on how beautiful this rose is; a third poet, sees another beautiful rose in the forest, he approaches it gingerly and smells it, after which he writes a poem on how beautiful this rose is.

All three poets appreciated the roses and wrote poems on how beautiful the roses in the forest are but at what cost for the roses in the first two cases?
The human in us wants to have and the being in us wants to be. The word ‘behavior’ (be/have) encapsulates both of these needs.

If I’m choosing to have or be in relation to any of these values, people, places, actions or things, I need to correctly have the material assets which are in my control and be with the electro-magnetic ideas and feelings, which are in my control. Should I ‘confuse these priorities’ I may want to buy and have a trophy car and house (which is fine) and also ‘buy’ and want to ‘have’ a trophy wife (which is a mistake) and hope for her to love me because of the things she has from me.

Since material wealth is at a different frequency of feelings than sentimental wealth, it’s like trying to tune into an AM radio talk show by being tuned at the FM frequency; it’s an impossible dialogue. In fact, the trophy wife may end up divorcing and taking both the trophy house and trophy car because, quite simply put, she is in love with another person.”

Because, as human beings, we have both human needs (material and physical) and being needs (mental and emotional), only by maintaining a homeostatic level of these various activities can we feel, have, and be balanced in our lives.

Treating human beings with love, respect, kindness, and gratitude are all values at the antipodes of the hatred which Communism, Nazism, and other forms of socialism spout. These are using hatred and class distinctions to incite genocides nearly, thought police, and central governments based on monopoly. Conversely, it is just a matter of time then, when the monopoly will implement dictatorships.

“The only sign of superiority that I know is kindness,” the great Beethoven said that. Being the right person is the only investment that will always pay off, both for yourself and the world.

Sometime around the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin was captivated by Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57 “Appassionata.” Writing to Maxim Gorky, Lenin described the emotional effect of Beethoven’s music:

“I know nothing more beautiful than the “Appassionata,” I could hear it every day. It is marvelous, unearthly music. Every time I hear these notes, I think with pride and perhaps childlike naivety, that is wonderful what man can accomplish.

But I cannot listen to music often, it affects my nerves. I want to say amiable stupidities and stroke the heads of the people who can create such beauty in a filthy hell. But today is not the time to stroke people’s heads; today hands descend to split skulls open, split them open ruthlessly…”

Exactly, what a difference this is between the two men, and at what cost in terms of millions of innocent lives in the latter case?


Gabriel Theodor Gherasim has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Portland State University and a Master’s Degree in Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution from California State University. He authored several books on Communist atrocities such as Victims of Communism and Their persecutors, Romanians from Bucovina and Romania Martyrs, and Survivors from Communism. He also wrote Gratia Cantantes (Recogniscience Therapy). His books may be read for free in PDF format and ordered in hard copy at his web page:

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