Confident Lin Wood Reassures Trump Supporters That “Irrefutable Evidence” Will be Revealed Next Week

Grab you popcorn folks, it’s about to go down.

Trump supporters have been being teased non-stop by members of the president’s legal team on voter fraud evidence, and boy oh boy are we antsy to see it.


Well, according to attorney Lin Wood, we about to get a big ol’ revealed this week.

Check it out:


We are pumped!

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Now this info comes just after Lin Wood hit Georgia with this scorching lawsuit.

From 11 Alive

Attorney L. Lin Wood Jr., under the representation of another attorney, Ray S. Smith, III, suggested that Raffensperger overstepped his bounds when adding new safeguards in the checking of signatures on absentee ballots.

And the result, Wood said, should be that the certification of ballots be placed on hold until the issues are worked out however necessary.

Wood takes primary issue with additions made following a settlement in March, which suggested multiple changes to how Georgia handles absentee ballots – particularly in regard to signature matching.

Under the rules set forth in the settlement, if the registrar or absentee ballot clerk determines that the voter’s signature on the mail-in absentee ballot envelope doesn’t match signatures on file, that reviewer must seek two others to also view it. Then, a majority of those reviewers must agree that the signature is a mismatch in order for the ballot to be thrown out.

Wood’s lawsuit suggests that this additional policy would have to be approved by the legislature and was instead put in place unilaterally by the secretary of state with the approval of only one party.

This man is literally a machine.

We’re so blessed to have him representing our president.

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