Conservative Country Singer Travis Tritt Just Won the Internet With this Savage Burn He Delivered to a "Former" Liberal Fan 

Holy smokes, this burn was so savage, that Travis just earned a top spot in the Trump Troll Army.

I was perusing the internet when I came upon the biggest “celebrity burn” I have ever seen…and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of good ones.

But nothing tops what Country Music legend Travis Tritt said to a liberal “former fan” who was angry after Tritt lashed out against hateful liberals online.

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Trit wrote a tweet saying there’s nothing that #Resisters hate more than to be “ignored” and urged fellow conservative folks to block the Trump-haters.

One of his former liberal fans responded to Tritt’s tweet and said that she used to be a fan of his and spent a great deal of money supporting his career but now she was “ashamed” and would burn everything in a bonfire.

But it was Travis Tritt’s response that literally lit the internet on fire.

Travis replied to the bitter liberal, saying, “Burn away. I’ve still got the money that you spent on those items.”

Ha ha ha!




This is how you fight against the liberals. You show no fear, and you throw their silly threats right back in their faces.

Bravo, Travis. You’ve earned your spot in the Twitter “comeback” hall of fame!


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