Conservative Journalist Noticed Something Hilarious About Fauci and The WH Christmas Decor 

Well, there’s a new variant that just splashed on the scene, so that’s a cue for Dr. Fauci to slither out from under his rock and start preaching doom and gloom. And sure enough, he’s back and doing just that.


The new variant is from South Africa, and they detected it in four VACCINATED people. Health officials in South Africa say it’s “mild,” and don’t see any reason to panic, but of course, the US is now on “high alert” and Joe Biden is urging everyone to wear masks again indoors – even though he doesn’t do that himself.

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This was Joe Biden just two days ago inside a store.

He looks really worried about the new variant, doesn’t he?


Dr. Fauci also made the rounds on the Sunday shows, where he said we need to “prepare for the worst,” and he wouldn’t rule out lockdowns.

They’re really trying hard to get another big “pandemic crisis” going. You can feel it. The main key players, like Biden and Fauci are showing (fake) “restraint” right now, but their media and union buddies are going bonkers, getting the public all revved up, so later, after everyone’s scared-stiff, Joe and Fauci can swoop in and announce more lockdowns.

New York Times is printing stuff like, “Omicron is Coming. The US Must Act Now,” and Teachers Union boss Randi Weingarten is peddling it on her Twitter page.


Again, health officials who are monitoring this in South Africa, say it’s very mild. Why on earth would they lie?

We’ve all had enough of Dr. Fauci, God only knows why this man still has a job. But at this point, he’s more a laughingstock than anything else. And speaking of laughs, one conservative journalist came up with quite a zinger for Fauci, thanks to the White House Christmas decoration.

Sean Davis, one of my favorite journalists, posted a photo of Biden and Fauci together and said whoever is in charge of the WH decor should be fired… because everyone knows the “elf” goes on the shelf…

Ha ha ha!

Here’s exactly what Sean said: “Whoever is in charge of decorating the White House for Christmas needs to be fired. Everyone knows the elf goes on the shelf, not in front of the microphone.”

As I have said on countless occasions, mocking these elites and laughing at them is one of the best weapons we have.

They don’t care if you call them evil, or hypocrites, or even liars. But if you mock and laugh at them, they wither and recoil.


So, while we all understand how dangerous this stuff is, it will do us some good to have a good hearty laugh at the expense of the elite.

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