Conservative Movies on Streaming Services

Michael Pack’s bracing documentary Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, which I reviewed here, can be viewed on Tubi or Hoopla. (Hoopla, like Kanopy, is a superb service that specializes in high-quality films and is available through many public-library systems.) Pack (who was later appointed by President Trump to head the U.S. Agency for Global Media, tells a story of Thomas’s rise from poverty in Georgia to Holy Cross (where he was a radical leftist) and on to Yale Law School and eventually to the highest court. Thomas is anything but the sullen character the Left portrays him as; he’s a guy who likes to take his RV out on the road every summer and hang with whomever he encounters on the road.

As any movie that tells the truth about Soviet horrors is right-wing by default, the Andrei Konchalovsky film Dear Comrades! is another superb conservative choice. (And if you loved Konchalovsky’s films Runaway Train and Tango and Cash, welcome back to his work!) I also reviewed this film about a 1962 massacre of striking family workers that was covered up for many years. It’s available on Hulu or for rent.

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