"Conservative" Pollster Frank Luntz's Damning Email to Hunter Biden Was Just Released By Steve Bannon

Well, Hunter and Joe aren’t the only ones going down in a ball of flames thanks to Hunter’s “Hard Drive From Hell.”

The so-called “conservative” pollster Frank Luntz, who is also a well-known “Trump hater” was just outed as a total and complete fraud, thanks to Hunter’s emails.


Steve Bannon’s “War Room” Twitter account just released a very damning email between Hunter Biden and Frank Luntz…and I am not sure how this guy will ever have any professional credibility left after this.

I’ll set it up for you:

The email takes place back during the 2012 election when Romney and Ryan were trying to take down Obama and Biden.

Hunter sends Frank an email, a bit shocked, and peeved that when Frank was on TV discussing political ads (and possibly their validity) he didn’t slam a “China/Jeep” ad put out by team Romney. This appears to make Hunter upset and he calls Frank out on it.

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You can tell Hunter is probably high as a kite when he wrote the email because he called Fank the “smartest person in politics.”

Give me a break…How much crack had he smoked before he wrote that?

Hunter goes and whines for a bit, and basically wants to know why Fank would ignore the “Jeep/China” ad that Hunter thinks is “fake”…but it’s Frank’s reply that is the real eye-opener.

Frank basically tells Hunter that he didn’t “help” them out and slam the ad because Joe had “snubbed ” him. Luntz bellyaches about that like a teenage girl, even mentioning that he’s talked to Beau – Hunter’s brother – about it his hurt feelings.

And then he drops the news that he “declared” Joe the winner of the VP debate against Paul Ryan, even though Paul Ryan was his “client.”

See below:

This guy is. a complete fraud.

His polls –  like all of these other fraud polls – are just “favors” for friends.

And his opinion, just like his focus groups, can also be bought and sold as well.

Nothing we see is real. Everything is fake. The media and all of its tentacles are a massive snow job.

And now, this explains why…Luntz is a Biden and libersal stooge.




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