Conservative Pundit Says He's Figured Out How Dems Will Actually Install Hillary as President

Wayne Allyn Root has a theory that is getting a lot of attention.


He’s got a theory about Hillary Clinton and it’s causing quite a stir. On the surface, it seems pretty outlandish, but when you think about the absurd “Twilight Zone” world we’re currently living in, maybe it’s not so bizarre after all.

I mean, if this installed admin has taught us anything, NOTHING is off the table, right?

And let’s face it, the left is in a real pickle right now.

They’ve got an aging, senile buffoon at the helm, whose approval ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic, and a “VP” sidekick who’s got one of the worst personalities on record, and is even less popular than the crotchety old guy who appears to have Alzheimer’s.

So, their chances in 2024 are looking bleak, so what can they do?

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Well, Wayne Allyn Root thinks they’ll install Hillary as president, and he says he’s got their plan all figured out.

Here’s what Wayne had to say about the Dems and Hillary’s “install” plan:


Here’s my crystal ball. Democrats will demand Harris’ resignation. She’ll cite “personal reasons” or “family issues.” Then corrupt Democrat billionaire donors will give her a $25 million mansion to retire in.

Next, they’ll name Hillary Clinton vice president.

Very quickly after that, they’ll start planting nonstop stories in the media claiming Biden’s aides see him in dramatic mental decline. After 3 to 6 months of those stories in the media, Biden will make his touching goodbye announcement and ride off to a nursing home specializing in dementia patients. And like Harris, Jill Biden will get a $25 million mansion as incentive to shut her mouth and never be heard from again.

Just like that, Hillary Clinton is President of the United States.

I’m guessing Democrats will need a black woman as vice president to diversify the ticket and lock down every last black vote in 2024. Michelle Obama, anyone? Don’t laugh. Get ready. It’s coming.

Clinton/Obama in 2024.


What do you think of this plan? Do you think it’s plausible?

God knows it’s a frightening thought, right?

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