Conservative Pundit Says His Source Just Sent Him This Photo of Pelosi's New Seaside Mansion in Jupiter, Florida

The Democrats are imploding. I don’t care what “colorful sprinkles” they try to decorate this political turd with, it’s still a big ol’ stinky, and they know what’s coming. Yes, Virginia was a “bellwether,” and so were the other races. They are a sign of things to come, but the bad news for the Dems… it’s just a “small sign,” because what’s actually coming, will look like The Red Sea just unloaded the biggest tsunami on planet earth.


Americans are mad.

We’re pissed off about that sham election. We’re sick and tired of Fauci and Biden and their pandemic. It’s not a “pandemic.” Somebody unleashed a virus upon the world just in time for the 2020 election, and now this virus will be with us for the rest of our lives, so pass the Z-pack and let’s be done with it.


We’re tired of the inflation, the sagging economy, the soaring gas prices.

But mostly, we’re sick of this “Green New Communist Deal” that is threatening our lives around every corner.

No, Joe, we don’t want to eat bugs, live in pods, and take one shower every other week to “save the planet.” I am sorry, but you can count me out. I want to have lower fuel costs and food on the shelves and live my life in the “here and now.”

This little live like we’re Venezuela experiment isn’t fun anymore.

So, the Dems know what’s coming, and they’re preparing.

You’re already seeing it in The House.

Politico reported that a pair of longtime House Democrats announced their retirements on Monday, the latest in a string of departures that has left some in the party anxiously bracing for more ahead of what could be a brutal midterm.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle and North Carolina Rep. David Price, who both spent decades in the House, said Monday they would not seek reelection, becoming the sixth and seventh Democrats to announce their retirements ahead of next November.


Rumors are also flying that Nadler is calling it quits, and Pelosi too. Trust me, Nancy doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the GOP in the final minutes left of her life.

So, the word in the Swamp is that Pelosi is sailing off into the sunset – and no, not the smelly poop and heroin-needle sunset of her hometown of San Fran… she’s got bigger plans for herself.

It’s been rumored for a while that Pelosi was in Florida checking out homes. I guess she also wants to live in “Free America,” huh?

Well, one conservative pundit in Florida, a former Newsmax guy named John Cardillo, says that his insider source says Pelosi already bought a home, and it’s a sprawling oceanfront mansion in Jupiter, Florida.

Here is the photo that John Cardillo shared on Twitter:

Wow. For a political party that tells everyone the seas are rising and everything will be swallowed up, these people sure buy a lot of homes right on the water, don’t they?


It must be nice for Nancy… she can demolish San Francisco, a once gorgeous city by the bay, and then just pick up her zillions and head over to Florida and enjoy the “free life.

A “free life” that she doesn’t allow her citizens to enjoy.

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