Trump New Hampshire Rally Energy

Supporters wearing face masks look on as President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Londonderry, N.H., August 28, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

This may shock you and run contrary to what you’ve gleaned from news reports and social media, but it turns out that the CDC’s recommendations on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus do not take a person’s partisan affiliations into account. Dr. Fauci and the government health experts say the microscopic SARS-C0V-2 virus doesn’t even check your voting record or campaign donation history before it infects you.

It turns out that if you wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, try to keep six feet or more apart from people outside your household, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, you’re probably going to be okay. And shockingly, it turns out that this is the recommendation whether you’re attending a Black Lives Matter protest or a Trump rally. Apparently, the same laws of virology, biology, epidemiology and physics are in effect no matter who or where you are, whether you’re at the beach, or at a football game, or walking through the park.

And if you take proper precautions, walking around a neighborhood and knocking on doors, encouraging people to vote for your candidate is not morally akin to mass murder. Go figure!

I share this because apparently the Trump campaign’s knocking on doors and the Biden campaign’s knocking on doors are perceived wildly differently.

Back on August 5,  Lily Adams of the DNC declared of the GOP’s door-knocking efforts, “the Trump campaign is risking the lives of their staff, the lives of voters, and risking becoming a super spreader organization during the middle of a pandemic. Sounds in line with how Trump is running the country.”

On September 13, Molly Ritner, the Biden campaign’s deputy states director, told reporters, “We think what voters are looking for right now is responsible leadership and that comes from the VP and what he’s saying, but it also comes from the campaign.”

On September 17, the New York Times informed us, “that guarded strategy reflects the bet Mr. Biden’s campaign has made for months: that American voters will reward a sober, responsible approach that mirrors the ways the pandemic has upended their own lives, and follows scientific guidance that Mr. Trump almost gleefully flouts.”

But now . . . Joe Biden’s campaign will start knocking on doors this week.

Wait, I thought door-knocking was “risking the lives of their staff, the lives of voters, and risking becoming a super spreader organization”? I thought “responsible leadership” meant not knocking on doors? I thought the “American voters will reward a sober, responsible approach”?

Never mind, apparently.

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