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On Monday, the Associated Press is trying to report that homeschooling is on the rise across the country as part of the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, they try to make excuses as part of the pandemic, even though parents that spoke with the AP cited varying reasons for the decision.

Some shared it was due to a desire to have a religious curriculum. Others shared it was because they believed their school systems were broken. In any case, homeschooling is on the rise across the country at a double-digit pace.

I do not believe for one second this is tied to the coronavirus pandemic entirely. I also do not believe that this is entirely about a faith-based curriculum either. What I do believe is that a large portion of Americans see the absolute disaster that Democrats are making of this country and do not want their children to be brainwashed liberals.

You do not have to look very far to see story after story about how radical teachers are using critical race theory to brainwash kids into believing that systemic racism is real and that they are racists just for being American. The radical left forces this on them, rather than allowing them to learn about the theory in a college class as what it is, a ridiculous theory.

School board after school board is being addressed by parents that are done with the garbage. They are over the liberal pandering and the attempts to undermine American pride.

These liberals force on students the ideas of white supremacy, as in you are a supremacist if you are white. They teach them values like you deserve to have everything handed to you for free because that’s what we deserve as Americans.

Or it could be situations like this one in Minnesota where students were told to hide an equity survey from their parents. Yes, the school system wants to circumvent parents and tell students that the government and the school system know what is best for them.

Another great example could be the forced COVID vaccinations that it looks like the Biden regime is going to allow. JAMA Pediatrics reports that children as young as 12 years old may be able to consent to receive the controversial vaccine without a parent’s approval. The examples can go on and on.

So the AP can try all it wants to blame this on the pandemic, but if they want to understand the true rise of homeschool across the country they need to simply look at the radical left.

Parents are doing the one thing that they can do, taking charge of their child’s education. They are pulling those children out of the liberal brainwashing centers called public school, choosing home education. But it’s Not without some backlash.

Liberals are realizing that parents are taking to homeschooling to save their children. So they are now calling for more government oversight and restrictions on homeschooling. Yes, if they cannot get to them in public school, they want you to allow them into your home so they can brainwash them there too.

Parents will continue to make this move away from public schools as the radical left continues to march forward with their agenda. As the government continues to make a move towards more regulation, I would expect them to have a fight on their hands.

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