Country Singer Travis Tritt and James Woods Just Teamed Up and They've Got a "Plan" to Squash the Left on Social Media

What happens when a country music icon and a Hollywood legend team up to take down vicious liberals?

They don’t stand a chance!

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That’s what country music singer Travis Tritt and filmstar James Woods just did, and they’ve come up with a sure-fire plan to help combat social media censorship.

Earlier, James Woods tweeted out a suggestion on how to silence the left.

Here’s what he said:


So, James’s theory is that if we block enough of the #Resist crew, they’ll end up in an echo chamber, speaking to basically nobody, and eventually, because they’re blocked by so many, they’ll fall off the algorithm map and that in turn will slow down the process of Twitter shadow-banning conservatives.


Well, I can tell you one thing, it really made the left mad.

Needless to say, they started lashing out at James.

But it’s an interesting theory, and if it pisses off the left that’s even better, right?

And country singer Travis Tritt hopped on board, too!

Travis isn’t holding anything back at this point. He’s slamming leftists, Pelosi, you name it.

It’s great to see other big names come out in support of the conservative agenda and help us fight against this massive leftist machine.

Of course, Mr. Tritt is getting hammered by a lot of #Resist people – but that’s okay, at least they identify themselves, so he can block them right away.

He should start with this guy.

Ha! Win/win!


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