Crash and Burn: United Airlines Makes an Online Blunder and Pays For it Dearly...

Gee, who knew that the real “political experts” in this country were airline CEOs?


I had no idea.

All this time I’ve been watching Newsmax and OANN for my political news, but I should have been asking airline CEOs for their opinions on politics. 🙄

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And not even “national politics.”

Apparently, these CEOs are so politically savvy, that they know all the ins and outs of local state politics, too.

Amazing. They can fly the friendly skies and be the “swamis” of the political world. How did we get so lucky?

We didn’t.


This is all a huge farce and absolute absurdity.

Not only are these idiot CEOs confused about the Georgia voter integrity law and getting about 97% of it wrong, but they also have no business butting their noses into our elections.

But these are the new “woke” corporations, and apparently, they just can’t stop themselves.

United Airlines just followed in the woke footsteps of Delta and American Airlines and issued a public statement on the GA voter law, and the backlash they got was a “crash and burn” of epic proportions.

Nothing like burning 75+ million of your voters, with a dumb “PC” move like this, right?

Countless Americans legitimately feel as if their voice and their votes were stolen, and a chunk of those people have worked with their state lawmakers to make much-needed changes.


And what goes on in the state of GA is none of United’s business. They’re an airline, not an elected official.

And you can tell by the reactions from Americans, that United made a grave error.

Here is just some of what they’re saying:

“Another idiot airline weighs in against our freedom People need to remember this when these shithole companies come begging for their bailouts Not one dime’

“Your mission should NEVER be to oppose free and fair elections. Ever. What a vile and disgusting thing for you to do. It should be to fly me safely. Get back on mission and away from interfering with free and fair elections. Signed, Premier Gold member.”

“The Greyhound Bus of airlines has political opinions.”

“No one can work for United Airlines without presenting a government photo ID before starting work. I doubt I can get on the premises for an interview w/out it. ID can be obtained for free to vote. If you cared, you’d help people get ID so they aren’t shut out of legal employment.”

“STFU up. You’re an airline, not a SuperPac”

“Sooo no more ID required to fly? I think it’s racist I have to show my ID to fly”

“No, your mission is fly me and my family/co-workers from point A to point B in the most efficient and safe manner possible. That’s it. Very simple. The rest of this is absolute nonsense and needs to stop.”

“I trust that UA is ending its racist and threatening flier identification procedures as well as opening up the United Club lounges to everyone regardless of ID.”

“Looking forward to flying United without presenting my ID next time.”

“In more than 150 countries, an ID is required to vote. Countries that United ‘connects’. Think about it.”

“Your mission is to move people through the air. Period.”

“This is not something @united should be getting involved in. Photo ID for requesting absentee ballots is minimally burdensome and would do a lot to assuring the public of the integrity of the election. This is bowing to the woke mob.”

What United and the rest of these woke companies are doing is actually “election interference.”

They’re acting like a SuperPac for the Dems, fighting their battles for them, and using their power and influence.

Enough is enough – Americans are so sick and tired of this nonsense.


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