CSPAN's Own Online Debate Poll Blows Up in Their Faces Big Time

Last night’s debate was a knock-down-drag-out brawl.

Did anyone think it would be a delightful tea party? President Trump is going up against a rigged system that is designed to prop up Dementia Joe. The Dems will use whatever they can – including Chris Wallace – to keep their “Wizard of Oz” charade going.

Biden is the man behind the screen – a smoke and mirrors concoction created in some smoky backroom by a bunch of commie leftists.

So yes, President Trump came out swinging – it was the only way to survive against this stacked game, and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand how this leftist game works.

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So, while the globalist talking heads sit around today and pontificate about how Joe won the debate, the American people have a totally different take…they see things for how they really are – the smoke and mirrors don’t fool the masses anymore.

CSPAN found that out the hard way when their own online debate poll blew up in their faces.

Almost 230K thousand votes and it’s not even a contest. President Trump won that debate – against Chris Wallace and Joe Biden – hands down.


And it’s not just CSPAN.

Over at Telemundo, the Spanish-speaking viewers gave the “win” to Trump in a landslide.

The American people are fair, they’ll give everyone a chance, but they won’t be snookered.

It’s clear to everyone with half a brain that Wallace, and the rest of the media (yes, even Fox News) is in on the sham to “place” Biden in the White House.

But thankfully, we can see through this nonsense.

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And for those of you who think Trump should have been calmer, let me remind you, this is WAR, and the left fights hard and dirty. If Trump were to stand there taking that abuse, Wallace and Biden would have won. As it stands now, Trump was able to derail enough of their game to pull out a victory. It’s actually remarkable what he did.

And how do we know Trump won?

If you go online, liberals are losing their minds today, demanding no more debates.

Ha ha ha!


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