Cuban UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Just Gave Colin Kaepernick The Verbal Smacked Down of The Century

Not many people like Colin Kapernick. Do you blame them?


He’s just another rich, clueless activist athlete who craps all over the country that gave him so much in order to rake in PR points and increase his own stupid brand.

Colin is the perfect example of a pseudo-communist. I’d call him a “real commie” but he’s so clueless that he doesn’t even really know what he’s talking about, nor does he likely believe half of what he’s saying.

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But, the real communists who are trying to take over this country are using Colin to push their message – rather effectively.

And one Cuban UFC champ, who is the son of refugees, has had it with the wannabe-commie Colin Kaepernick and he’s now publically calling him out.

Daily Caller reported that Masvidal posted a photo on his Instagram story of Kaepernick in a Fidel Castro shirt, and wrote, “Cowards like this fool should be sent to live in Cuba see what they say after a day there.”

He’s 100 percent correct.

And this is exactly why so many Americans are sick and tired of Colin, and other athletes like him and why they don’t want “politics” mixed into their sports.

Masvidal is passionate about what Cuban’s are going through right now as they fight for freedom.

Here’s a video he recently posted:

I don’t like “politics” or social issues involved in sports – but Colin has now brought this on himself, and I am thrilled that this UFC star called him out, and I hope others do as well.


Radical activists like Colin are the minority, and the majority needs to start speaking up, or this garbage will never stop.

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