Cuomo’s Numbers Slump in New Poll

A new Emerson poll pegs New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating at 38 percent. That put him ten points underwater, with 48 percent of New Yorkers expressing their dissatisfaction with Cuomo’s performance. The numbers are even worse (or better, depending on your perspective) when his constituents are asked whether they’d rather retain him for a fourth term or hand the reins over to someone new: 36 percent would keep him on while 64 percent are ready for a change. 70 percent of New York independents say the state is on the “wrong track.”

Partisan interests and loyalties still seem to win out over character concerns, though. By a three-point margin, women still approve of Cuomo. A majority of Democrats want him to stay on for another term. This suggests that, if Cuomo can hold on through the initial onslaught, he might be able to Northam his way through the twin scandals that have finally brought his approval numbers back down to earth: his administration’s doctoring of COVID-related death data at nursing homes and the allegations of sexual harassment made against him personally.

For the Cuomosexuals, there are some signs of life. But this poll provides some of the first evidence that Cuomo’s abhorrent behavior and gross mismanagement are beginning to override nearly a year of media-worship.

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