Cuomo’s Surrogacy ‘Protections’ | National Review

From the New York State Department of Financial Services:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today reminded New Yorkers about new insurance protections and rights for surrogates and parents that will take effect on February 15, 2021. These new insurance protections and rights were part of the Governor’s FY 2021 Enacted Budget that legalized gestational surrogacy in New York.

These “protections and rights” include both life and health insurance for surrogates as well as financial insurance for parents, should the surrogate fail “to perform under the surrogacy contract.” Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Of course, what this does not include is insurance against being separated from one’s birth mother, nor protection from abandonment or abortion, all of which occur in the surrogacy industry and are known to be harmful to children.

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