Damning Leaked Audio of Goodyear Official Explaining Why "MAGA" and "Pro-Police" Attire is Unacceptable

Goodyear Tires just took another wallop.

After they flopped around yesterday like a fish out of water over the leaked training document that stated BLM and LGBTQ attire was okay, but MAGA and “pro-cop” attire were not, and even claimed the document was not part of their training (huh??), new leaked audio proves what liars they truly are.

MORE NEWS: Report: Goodyear Stock Nosedives After President Trump Calls For Boycott

NBC 15 out of Madison, WI., got their hands on audio of a Goodyear boss explaining why wearing BLM and LGBTQ is okay, but wearing anything pro-cop or MAGA is not.

How will Goodyear weasel out of this one?

You can listen to the audio below:

Once word spread that Goodyear was backing a violent Marxist group and banning cops and MAGA, President Trump came out and called for a boycott of the progressive tire company.

Once he did that, their stocks took a dive.

This leaked audio should be the final nail in Goodyear’s coffin.


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