David Hogg Just Tried to Launch a Career "Comeback" But The Whole Thing Blew Up in His Face Big Time

You remember good ol’ David Hogg, right?

I know that’s not a name that you’ve heard recently — Little Hogg Beast grew up and lost his luster with the Democrat Party.

That’s what Dems do, they use kids to push their causes and when they’re done with them they throw the little rugrats aside like yesterday’s garbage.

But Hogg missed the limelight and he wants back in. So he decided to try and launch a comeback – however, his idea was incredibly stupid and the whole thing backfired in his face.

One lesson on the internet – if you’re a liberal, don’t ever run a poll unless you’re 100% sure the outcome will turn out how you hope, because Trump supporters are seasoned professionals at flipping online polls. It’s like a “gift” we have.

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I bet David Hogg wishes he had that advice before he posted this poll.

Hogg, in an effort to gauge the “enthusiasm level” of him returning to politics, asked his followers if they’d like to see a video post every day with his thoughts on the 2020 election.

Here’s what Hogg said:

“Would you be interested in seeing a video post every day from now until election day with my thoughts on what’s going on?”

As you can imagine, the poll was a blowout, but not how Hogg hoped it would be.

But the best part of Hoggs attempted come back were the comments. I’ll list a few below:

You’re just a dumb kid. Why the hell would we care what you say? You were used and now you’re no good! Bye!”

“Your video diaries or a Colon-Oscopy? I’ll take the Colon-Oscopy for $200 David.”

“This was a really stupid post. The only thing I can deduce is that you are a unifier. Everyone is unified in a resounding NO. They do not desire to hear from you.”

“No, grow up kid. No one wants to hear your dumb opinion.”

“I would rather have Edward Scissorhands as my gynecologist, thanks for asking though!”

“I’d rather eat my own gallbladder.” 

“Not just no. Hell no. And based on the 84% for no’s, it seems even your lefty friends don’t like you or care about what you have to say.”

“I cancelled my subscription to Teen Magazine many moons ago. So that’s a huge no from me.”

“No. You’re an irrelevant moron.”

“I’m embarrassed for this sociopath”

“Will this be a comedy post intentionally or will we just be laughing at you?”

Ha ha ha…ya gotta love these clueless liberals, they really think they’re so much more important than they are.

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