Law enforcement officials are preparing for armed protesters and reconstructing a temporary fence around the Capitol Building ahead of a Justice for Jan. 6 rally planned for Saturday, NBC Washington reported on Tuesday.

The rally is in support of individuals who rioted at the Capitol and forcibly entered the building on Jan. 6, according to NBC Washington. A temporary fence is expected to be constructed around the Capitol grounds from Friday until Sunday.

“As we look across social media, there are calls on some of the disparate sites for folks to come armed. We’ve seen that before on a lot of our other events. So, this is reminding folks that come to the District what our laws are here and that, you know, you can’t carry a gun here,” DC Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Chris Geldart told NBC Washington.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser hasn’t submitted a request for assistance from the National Guard, though the Capitol Police could still make that call, Geldart said, according to NBC Washington. The Capitol Police will also be allowed to deputize outside law enforcement officers to join them in responding to any incidents if needed.

“The Capitol is actually in discussions with them (the National Guard) in case them for a quick reaction force. But aside from that, they’re getting resources from the region, law enforcement resources from the region, to come in to support,” Gledart added.

Counter-protesters plan to hold a rally in opposition of “the Jan. 6 insurrectionists, nazis, and white supremacists as they return to Washington, DC,” according to at least one social media post.

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