"Defund Police" Activist Alyssa Milano Calls Cops on Neighbor Kid Using an "Air Rifle"

“Defund the police” activist Alyssa Milano called the cops and caused a massive law enforcement scene to explode in her neighborhood.

The privileged actress, who was in her $8 million dollar mansion when she dialed 911, claims the police have been “militarized” and should be defunded.

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Alyssa thinks police are making kids hungry taking away from other programs.

Below is one of her tweets calling to #DefundPolice

But, as we all know by now, privileged liberals don’t live like the rest of us do. While Alyssa Milano lives in her 8 thousand square foot mansion in a gated community, she wants people living in a 2 bedroom, 1600 square foot bungalow to have less police and safety.

Alyssa can afford high-tech, and personal security, most Americans can’t.

And the moment Alyssa and her talent agent husband heard a noise that scared them, they dialed 911.

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Alyssa thought there was a gunman in her prestigious neighborhood, so she called the cops and a virtual army showed up to protect her.

However, it turns out it was not a mass gunman after all…it was a teenager with an air rifle.

From Page Six

Actress and “Defund the Police” activist Alyssa Milano called 911 from her California home over the weekend, sparking a massive emergency response — over what turned out to be a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

Seven Ventura County Sheriffs’ vehicles, a K-9 unit, a police helicopter and a Los Angeles Fire Department descended on the “Charmed” star’s SoCal sprawl Sunday morning, according to The Daily Mail.

“We first noticed the helicopter circling overhead very low and knew something was going on, it’s usually such a quiet community,” one neighbor of Milano’s told the outlet. “Then we saw all the police cars parked in front of Alyssa’s home. They had their guns at the ready and seemed very serious.”

Milano, 47, and her talent-agent husband, Dave Bugliari, dialed 911 after hearing what they believed to be gunshots on their property, according to the neighbor, who was not identified by name in the report.

The couple reportedly told cops that the sound “scared their dogs,” and that responding officers should look for a man in his 40s with a long rifle.

After a roughly three-hour search, cops concluded the culprit was actually a teen shooting an air gun at squirrels, the report said.

I don’t fault Alyssa for being scared or wanting to protect her family by calling the police.

I fault for her pushing a dangerous and stupid hashtag, from her gilded gated community that would leave a lot of Americans vulnerable and in danger.



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