Democrats Know This Election Is Lost; Keep Your Eye On What They Do Next!

Dems know the Presidency is lost, there not even trying. Not since John McCain or Mitt Romney have I seen such ineptness. Mail-in votes will hold their hope or so they think. The Dems would look to find mail-in ballots in public storage units and abandoned cars for months if they had their way. Congressional elections will not be decided for months.

Dems know Pres. Trump doesn’t need the AG William Barr/John Durham investigations of their corruption to get reelected but Dems understand that as a lame duck, Trump will us those investigations obliterate the Dem party on his way out the door.

Their only hope is to gain control of Congress and stop those investigations.

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For the Dems, it must happen this election. They have to stop those investigations in this coming cycle. Once criminal indictments drop, the Dems will be on the defensive, and there’s nothing that will excuse what they have done.

The abject surrender of the Democratic Party to the socialist wing adds to the urgency of re-electing Pres. Trump. If the socialists succeed in putting poor old Joe Biden in the White House with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders pulling his strings, a mere majority is all that will be required to destroy the balance developed over more than 200-years.

With the risk of the socialists having a majority in both the House and Senate, it is crucial that there be an American in the White House to veto excesses and requires 68 votes in the Senate and two-thirds of the House to override.


Tens of millions of Americans question why Democrat politicians believe anarchy, business and job destruction, killing by mindless mobs, and widespread looting in the cities they have controlled for decades, irrational hostility to the police, and elevating black career criminals to heroic status, is a winning formula for all of America.

If Biden wins [and if the Dems get the Senate] outside of a little excessive celebration, I suspect we will see a decline in rioting and left-wing violence, that may well carry through to early spring, especially if winter is harsh in some of these loony Dem cities. But by April the same wackadoos that are burning America down the street by street right now will be entirely dissatisfied that all private business hasn’t been halted, that half the white population hasn’t been dispossessed and jailed, and that some Republicans are still allowed in the House at which time it will all begin anew.

A lifelong Republican friend is a Never Trumper that plans to vote for Biden. It’s as if he conveniently ignores the platform of Biden and the Dems under the assumption it can’t be successfully passed/implemented anyway.  This piece shows it surely can. Of course, I sent my friend a link to this article, with the note “how can you ignore what Biden says he wants to do, in the hope that he just won’t be successful at it?!?” It’s like a robber that says he wants to steal all your stuff, but you let him in the house anyway because you think he can be stopped after he’s already inside your front door.

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One thing is for sure, regardless of who is President, if Senator McConnell is majority leader, we are going to $40 trillion in national debt.  The swamp knows, if Republicans keep control of the Senate, the spigot of federal money will continue uninterrupted.

If the Democrats sweep, then we’re at risk of DC and Puerto Rico becoming states, unguarded borders, no relief from health care inflation,  slave reparations, free medical care for illegal aliens, banning fossil fuels, blanket student loan forgiveness, and Supreme Court expansion from nine to who knows.

The best outcome for America would be President Trump’s reelection with Democrat majorities in the House and Senate or with a Republican majority in the House  and Democrat control of the Senate.

What I really want is a President and Congress who will pass spending legislation that generates a budget surplus and offers a plan to pay off the national debt in 30 years.  But that ain’t gonna happen.

We must remember when going to the polls, Pres. Trump is the true friend and champion of America’s working men and women and the businesses that employ them. After years of neglect and abuse, he is putting them and our nation first. He has proven this over and over again. That is why come Nov. 3rd next, they will go to the polls and choose Donald J. Trump to occupy the Oval Office.

The choice is clear: a vote for a Democrat is a vote towards becoming a socialist country. Vote Republican and you vote to keep and improve upon the values that made this country the greatest in the world.



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