Dems Are Trying To Normalize Their Actions To Break America's Will

The Democrats not only want America’s soul, but they also wish to her will as well.

They wish to crush a free and independent person’s ability to choose for themselves, and Americans need to realize this if they have any chance of moving forward.

The control Democrats want over voters will extend from choosing how much sugary beverages to put in your body to wear a face mask in your own home. They will say this control is for the common good. Everyone gets the same treatment. Everyone gets the same uniform, the same cot, bowl, spoon, bus, the same life, devoid of free will. It is no longer your soul, no longer your life, no longer your choice.

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We, as a nation, are in the midst of a genuine and very destructive cultural revolution. The forces of evil (anti-liberty, anti-justice, anti-Constitution, etc.) that have been working behind the scenes and “holding their cards,” if you will, are now very publicly enacting their traitorous and deadly plans; the murder of an opposition campaign worker in Minnesota is just the latest example. If you still believe in the principles upon which this nation was founded, and in Almighty God who providentially guided and protected it, you have two, and only two choices:

  1. Prepare to fight (to the death if necessary) in its defense.
  2. Sit idly by and witness it is inevitable destruction.

Everyone, please look closely; the Democrats are fighting hard and harder and desperate very much so to acquire power. Dems will try anything, absolutely anything to get the ability back, as you have seen already.

As the Bible says, the Devil comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. Well, so does ANTIFA and BLM. They are Democrats, trying to insert fear and hopelessness into the American lexicon through rioting and looting. What forgiving Dems don’t understand is that all of these actions are destroying them as well, for an even worse enemy.


My understanding after dealing with the left and DNC for so long, the best word to describe them may be insular, because of no matter what we say, they are convinced of their ascendance regardless of what we may think, or even evidence to the contrary. Their rhetoric is all over the map, as they use words not as an apt description of something but in some less abstract sense as only word salad for the vulnerable to their patter to fall for.

Case in point, we are now being told that if Trump attempts to fill a vacancy in SCOTUS that they will eliminate the filibuster, the Electoral College and Pack SCOTUS, and all the other stuff Pelosi has in her quiver.

I posit that they intended on doing all these things anyway, and now have what they think is a proper provocation to move forward against our rights. What they mean is that they are going to act against our rights, because why do all that to corrupt the Constitution and the basis and form of our government. To, in essence, a perpetual One Party State.

The only way you can continue such a State is to suppress any objections with violence, which in case anyone was wondering if that could happen here, that has been answered, with their thugs Antifa and BLM in a city near you nightly. So have normalized violence as an electoral tool. Which begs the question if they will use violence to take power, why wouldn’t they use it routinely to their best advantage?

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The biggest problem as I see it is that nobody is listening to the DNC, they are telling us just what they are going to do, and everyone crosses their legs like they have to pee real bad and want to get off the room.

We have a real problem. We had better assess the situation because everyone is acting like this is normal, when people are dying and being assaulted and abused daily, that is not normal.

I demand a peaceful normal society that respects citizens and the rule of law, and my property, these cretins in the DNC want to threaten all of that; they do so at their peril.

The media falsely portrays them as the party of compassion. It’s up to the American people to know and vote the truth. This is war.


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