Dems Claim They Don't Support Defunding The Police; This Video Says Different

Many Democrat leaders tried to walk back the “defunding the police” strategy during the 2020 presidential campaign, which would have undoubtedly put a lot of wrinkles in the plans for the liberals.

I’m stunned that anyone with any sense thought “defund police” was a good idea. They don’t understand societies or people. If all the police quit tomorrow, then regular people would try to fill the gap. I have seen it plenty of times while on the emergency response after a hurricane or other disaster. Even the most primitive societies I’ve seen had some type of security force; it’s a Maslow requirement.

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On Thursday, the RNC posted a seven-minute video detailing and reminding America that the Democrats have been pushing for defunding law enforcement, resulting in a huge uptick in crime and murders.

The Democratic Party needs to be sued by the insurance companies to cover the damages caused when Democratic Led Cities started defunding the police.

All left-wing shows on television that encouraged this should also be sued by the insurance companies. All businesses affected by the Defund, the Police Movement, should sue the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party caused this mayhem on our country, and they need to pay the price for it.

Sure those Democrats who were supporting Defund the Police are backstepping. That entire movement has backfired, and they are trying to save their political futures. Every politician who supported defunding police, releasing criminals early should be voted out of office.

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If agencies or other entities promote Defunding the police in cities, then cities and the police should let the public know that if something happens at those De-funder locations, there will be NO police response.

How about Defund the Federal Government. It has consistently demonstrated an inability to manage the resources it takes from the people. Defund the State Government. Shift resources to municipalities that will always be more aware of the needs of the community.

Last time I checked, schools and police departments are the responsibility of the Cities they serve. Why are members of Congress involved in this conversation?


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