Dems Enlist Samuel L. Jackson To Promote Negative Video Against POTUS For 2020 Election!

Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson used racist overtones and undertones telling Black Americans to vote for 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden while accusing President Donald Trump of desiring voter suppression.

Jackson declared, “Voter suppression has taken many forms,” in a commercial video released on Friday. “First they used the poll tax to keep Black folks from voting. Then it was the literacy test, racial terrorism, and violence.”

It’s to be expected as I’ve seen these tricks every election since I’ve had my eyes open and my common sense on high alert.

Jackson added, “New day, same old dirty tricks,” and “If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it from you.”

“Vote early. Vote like your life depends on it. I’m exercising my right to vote, and you should, too,” concluded Jackson. “Not because I want you to, but because he doesn’t. Vote, dammit, vote!”

Why do actors believe that they can sway general public opinion because they appear to be bigger than life? Stick to what you do best. Being an actor doesn’t make you an authoritarian in politics.

Jackson was one of many who stated that if Trump won, he was moving to Canada. He is not a man of his word. I can’t respect a man who gave his word to do something then does not do it. He should not be commenting on our politics, but maybe he can connect with Canada’s.

These Hollyweird real-life imitators seem to forget that they alienate about 50% of their fan base and don’t get any non-fans to become fans just because of their politics. It’s invariably a lose-lose situation, but it does seem to stroke their overblown egos.

If Jackson means enforcing rules for elections is today’s word for suppression, then in a way, he’s correct. Democrats have repeatedly tried to remove rules so that cheating and illegal actions could be done, and now that they are getting pushback, they are crying like children with temper tantrums.

Grow up!




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