Did "Sin City" Just Take a “Red-Pill”? Sure Looks Like It...

The Democrats are on a very strange path…

They’ve somehow forgotten all of their blue-collar, working-class beginnings and are now a party led by a bunch of elite, socialist loons.


This all started to take shape during Obama’s presidency and was heightened during Trump’s time in office and has reached an absolute fever pitch now that Biden is “in charge.”

And as a result, there are many who are jumping ship and are joining up with conservatives to fight back against this insanity, like the #WalkAway movement, which has become absolutely massive.

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Now it looks like Las Vegas is having their very own “walk away” moment with the North Las Vegas mayor now switching from Democrat to Republican citing the “socialist takeover” that’s happening with the left.

Watch the video:


Isn’t it crazy how much the parties have shifted?

Not too long ago, the GOP represented the elite, the 1%, but somehow the Dems have shifted so far to the left, that the only base they have is out-of-touch, rich snobs.

It’ll be scary to see where the left is at years from now if they continue down the path they’re on.

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