Did The WH YouTube Channel Just Reveal the “Truth” about Joe During Japan PM Visit?

Today, the Joe Biden Clown Show greeted the Japan Prime Minister at the WH.

Well, technically it was only half of the “clown show.”

Apparently, Joe was “sick,” so he couldn’t come down and greet the Japan PM. He snubbed him, and instead sent his unelected sidekick Kamala to greet him, in what can arguably be called one of the most awkward and uncomfortable-looking moments in foreign policy history.

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Later, Joe manages to crawl out of bed and his handlers got him dressed and he made his way down to the Rose Garden where he proceeded to make the already weird and unprofessional event even odder.

Joe told the Japan PM that a “boy” from Japan won the Masters, referring to the 29-year-old golfer Hideki Matsuyama – who is very much not a “boy” that won the Master’s Tournament in Georgia, despite the fact that Joe had caused a mess in the state after lying about voting laws.

A lot of people are calling it a “racist” remark. I don’t see it that way. To me, it was just a really weird and unbecoming thing to say about a grown man. That’s all.

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But the good news for Joe is, not a lot of people actually saw what happened…at least not a lot of people on YouTube, because the WH YouTube page only drew 787 people.

That’s right, the most beloved present in the history of the US – a man who won the most “historic victory” known to mankind – 82 million votes – could only draw 787 people to the official WH YouTube channel to watch Joe welcome the first foreign diplomat to the White House.


What are the odds? That’s amazing, right? Seems almost “impossible,” doesn’t it?

And check out the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes.”

287 likes, and a whopping 2,500 dislikes.

The media, YouTube, and fact-checks will tell you those are “bots.”

They don’t want you to think that those might be actual Americans who are unhappy about this sham who went over and clicked “unlike” on the video…Like this guy (who isn’t a bot) admits that he does every time there’s a video on…Americans are still “allowed” to show their displeasure, right?

See, you’re not supposed to notice this sort of stuff, or question it.

You just have to shut up and believe that Joe, even though he has almost no visible support whatsoever, is the most celebrated US president in the history of our nation.

They need you to believe that, and if you don’t, you are punished and silenced.

And that’s why things like this Youtube Channel, in their small little way, actually reveal the truth about this fraud “president.”

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