Disgraced Pollster Nate Silver Gets Pummeled For His Latest Outrageous and Dangerous Election Prediction

The Biden campaign is a giant CIA-style psyop.

What you’re witnessing is a coordinated effort from pollsters, media, and Deep State to literally DRAG a sack-of-potatoes candidate over the finish line – and they’re pulling out all the stops with some of the most fantastical and imaginative BS you’ve ever seen.


Take disgraced pollster Nate Silver and his latest wild and absolutely absurd “prediction” for example.

First off, let’s make clear who and what Nate Silver is…He’s a paid shill who works for Disney and his job is to give media pundits ammunition to beef-up their narrative.

He’s s not some “serious pollster” by any stretch of the imagination, even though that’s how he’s portrayed by the fake news jackals.

Here’s what Nate does: he uses an aggregate of cruddy polls to come up with his “findings” and “predictions.”

To give you an idea of how crappy his poll predictions truly are – this clown uses Quinnipiac in his aggregation.

Quinnipiac is one of the biggest joke-pollsters around. They’re consistently about 8-points off, for crying out loud, and no serious person uses them seriously.

So, this is why Nate is always wrong – he’s not paid to be right –  he’s paid to create a narrative.

So, keep that in mind when you read his latest prediction, which sounds like an excuse for the impending Trump win…but he’s doing it in a very, very dangerous way

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Here’s what Nate said: “If the polls aren’t tightening since the debate—and with 62 million people having voted—we’re sort of getting to the point where the only way Trump can win is with a major polling error, bigger than in 2016 (or if the election is stolen somehow).”

By the way, your first clue that Nate is a total and complete fraud is that no serious pollsters ever speak this way.

Not ever…But Nate does, and that’s because he is not a serious pollster, but he is a serious “gaslighter.”

It didn’t take long for people to chime in and shred Nate and his laughable predictions to pieces.

Here are some of the comments:

“You are a total fraud. Only 2 IQ knuckledraggers believe your BS”

“Or, pollsters are creating a stolen election narrative beforehand. The only real “data” point indicating a Biden victory is courtesy of the pollsters who told us in 2016 that Hillary would win.”

“You’re a disgrace.”

“How and why do people still pay you to put out shyte like this?”

“Why is it every time a Democrat loses the word “stolen” gets brought up?”

“This is horribly dangerous and irresponsible. But I’m guessing that’s why you said it”

“Sounds like you are blaming Trump when he wins.”

“This is a very irresponsible tweet.”

“Nate ‘the never great’ Silver is already spinning his massive 2020 polling fail”

“Yelp all you want You know your polls are all lies”


“You’ll say anything to be right. Predictable with 100% certainty.”

“The 2020 establishment polls are oversampling Democrats at a higher level than they were in 2016, with most using about a 39% sample size compared with only a 25% Republican sample size. *Therefore 2020 polls are more off than they were in 2016”

“Look at the sample sizes of the polls and you will understand the “polling error“ that is occurring. Most of the polls are oversampling Democrats between five and 15%”

“aka: I’m creating the narrative now that will excuse my polling for being totally worthless…”

“This guy was a fraud in 2016 and he’s an even bigger fraud in 2020.”

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This disgraced fool is a one-man psyop show.

And most people know it, but a lot of people see what he says and get nervous.

Don’t be. This is what he does…he reaffirms the left’s narrative and allows the fake news media to keep pushing their ridiculous talking points.

People like Nate Silver keep the lie alive that Biden is “winning.”


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